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Conspiracy: Plot to Kidnap Reno Omokri to Nigeria for treason trial

Pastor Reno Omokri

*As a 4- man Secret NIA agents meet with rogues Mercenaries, agents in USA for the 6th time.

By Lucky Ojigbo & Ahmed Ahmadu , Abuja

Ex-presidential spokes person to Ex President Good luck Jonathan  needs to be very careful with where he goes these days even in far away abroad where he is presently domiciled as serious plots seemed to be on to get him moved to Nigeria by hook or by crook over his serious and caustic criticism and attack on the President jut  the same way/treatment was meted out to a onetime NPN top shot Umaru Dikko.


To those who don’t know or not born then Umaru Dikko was not just a former NPN leader then but   was the piller and the head of the Cabal in the then National Party of Nigeria (NPN) prior to and post 1983  who ran into exile to the United Kingdom after the Buhari  /Tunde Idiagbon Coup but shockingly the Military Government of Buhari/Idiagbon then using  rogue  Mechineries  from Israel and the UK staged a failed  move to get Umaru Dikko via diplomatic bag kidnapped back to Nigeria to face trial which resulted in a well known diplomatic row between Nigeria and the United Kingdom then.

Daily Watch investigations around the  Villa and  among close officers of the NIA confirmed that a massive and well oiled plot financially has been concluded to make an audacious and a repeat move liken to that of Umaru Dikko, but this time to move the ex- President Good luck Jonathan spokes person Reno Omokri down to Nigeria to face a phantom treason Charge  that has already been drawn  and rogue selected judges mapped out for delivery  of judgments over his ceaseless and acidic criticism/attack with real facts of President Mohammadu Buhari and his administration.

The Plot which is said to be sponsored by the Cabal in the Presidency who are said to be not just pissed by the none stop attack of the APC led government of  ex-President Good luck Jonathan aide Reno Omokri saw top and loyal agents of the NIA for the up tenth time meeting with selected Cabal members and some elements in the Presidency to fine tune modalities for the bold move to get Reno Omokri in whatever way to Nigeria or out of the way to put a stop to the kind of blunt, frank, statistical and adroit utterances of the Ex Presidential aide which the cabal described as totally annoying and insulting to the status of Mr. President.

Daily Watch informant  in the NIA confirmed that several Millions have been set aside for the project which the NIA top shot termed as  project ICEING and meant to either silent or get Reno Omokri down to the soil of Nigeria for trial in the court of Law for trump up charge of treason.

Daily Watch informant in the NIA confirmed that the plot which has been on for some time before the Presidential elections has finally been concluded  with datelines and   specific agents of the NIA  detailed to finalize discuss with selected and trusted rogue foreign agents  from South Africa, Uk and the USA with monetary rewards said to be running into several Millions in terms of Dollars.

Daily Watch persistent attempt to get information on the fixed date for the plot was not possible but snippets from Daily Watch informant confirmed that the agents of NIA have conclusively met with those given the contracts where all  the I’s and the t’s to the whole plots which is set to gulp several millions in dollars was concluded few days ago ,

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that if this plot sails through it would definitely create a serious and very massive diplomatic row between Nigeria and the host nation where Reno is presently domiciled but to which the initiators of the plot are unconcerned about as all efforts is said to have been made to not just silenced Omokri but several other vocal critics of the Present administration in Nigeria.

It would be recalled that several months’ back Daily Watch brought the exposed on the reported plot for Reno Omokri, that same plot is what today has crystallized into a firm deal and contract on the person of the Ex-aide of Ex -President Good luck Jonathan Reno Omokri.

Daily Watch attempts to get the response of the NIA  egg heads to this shocking revelation from top security officers in the NIA was not possible as no one was willing to speak about any issue involving the NIA just as repeated attempt to reach Reno  Omokri on the plot on ground and get his comment  through his verified twitter handle was not successful but it would be recalled that several months back Omokri himself raised an alarm of several threats to his person..

Daily watch investigations confirmed that so far the 80 judges including the Appeal Court President are aware of the damaging dossiers on them and have been cautioned to behave appropriately or pick the Onnoghen treatment using the many dossiers as instrument of attack.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with the President of the Nigerian Bar Association on this shocking and overwhelming takeover of the Nation Judiciary  just as with the NJC through a ‘thief’  as Secretary by some few persons  in the executive arm of government was not possible as at press time.





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