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Consider appointments on merit not zoning, PDP Chieftain tells Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari,

By Ayodele Oni


For Nigeria to develop economically and attain its set objectives, leaders must do away with zoning of political offices and pick appointees based on their competence, a chieftain of People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) in Ekiti state, Mr. Lanre Ogunsuyi has advised.


Mr Ogunsuyi, commissioner of information in the immediate past administration of Governor Ayo Fayose who spoke in Ado Ekiti, also opined that the choice of ministers and commissioners should be need driven; only areas that require intervention.


According to him, “that section of the constitution which makes it mandatory that each state should be represented at the federal executive council should be amended.


” This is not rational; each state has senators and Reps members representing it at the federal level. The presidency is expected to work with these people to be abreast of problems in states. Ministers from each state is just like constituting another representative council, like the Senate and House of Representatives.


“It costs a lot of money to maintain them, they are always problems to Governors in states. I don’t know how ministers have contributed to improve the welfare of their people.


” We sacrifice meritocracy on the alter of zoning. Late Chiefs Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi.Azikiwe would not have been heard if zoning was in vogue during their time. Zoning makes us to sacrifice competence.


Ogunsuyi pointed out that Nigeria should endeavour to catch up in development ladder before we start to rotate political offices among the geo political zones of the country.


Citing specific examples, the former commissioner stated that the two leading candidates in the last presidential election, Atiku Abubakar and Mohammadu Buhari were not economists and the major problem of Nigeria at present is more of economic issues and unemployment.


“It is unfortunate that the country is still battling with the problem of energy, for 20 years, there is no solution to it.”


Describing Presidents and Governors as isolated despots, Ogunsuyi said that even ministers and commissioners find it difficult to see and discuss with them.


On the just concluded four years second term of Fayose, he described him as the best governor in Ekiti state in terms of provision of amenities but that his major problem was that Fayose is greedy and selfish.







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