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Confusion in the Villa over Plot to kick out Saraki intensifies




 *As MACBAN calls for his removal

ABUJA- Nigeria seem gradually to be drifting to the Obasanjo era where
money and blackmail were used as a tool in the National Assembly to
get the President wish done and like in the past the executive now
seem bent on taking over total control of who heads the Senate as  the
presidency intensifies plots to get Saraki kicked out.

Already just as the president and commander in chief of the Armed
forces put touch to his list of new ministers and men to help him
pilot the affairs of the country in the coming two years a new
headache is also said to be  on the mind of the Presidency  if reports
reaching Daily Watch is anything to considered.

The new headache on the Rock is said to be no other than  how to
handle the person of Olusola Saraki the erudite President of the
Senate who the Presidency and the Cabal now see as a joint enemy to be
done away with as fast as possible but with no clear cut or easy
operandi on how to go about easing the Man Saraki out of the top
Senate Seat

The Presidential Cabal which has reportedly mobilized several millions
months back to oil the wheel of the Senate President recall process
via propaganda and sponsor of groups in kwara State through the
Minister of Sports and Abdulahi Bolaji seem not to be having a head
way as the Senate President seem more adroit in the act of overcoming
plots against him.

Already the Presidency and  some selected few in the President inner
group are said to be vehemently angry with the senate President over
his speech on IPOB proscription which the Presidency see as a tacit
support for the IPOB and an embarrassment to the presidency.

Before the resumption of the House Daily Watch investigations
confirmed a reach out of the Presidency to  as many Senators from the
Northern, Eastern and Western  part of the Country with a view to
pushing for an outright impeachment of the Senate President with mouth-watering inducements  and contracts but this seem to have met a brick
wall as most of the Senators were said to have refused the financial
inducement running into several millions of Naira as they see it coming
from a   Presidency that has through the office of the Special Adviser
on anti-corruption that has  virtually  in every occasion labelled
Senators  as thieves  and now turning to offer them bribes  as not
just a Greek gift but  an attempt by the Presidency to rope them in
later after the deal must have been executed and then  turn to use the
bribe issue   in a fathom bribe scam  to  blackmail the Senators later
since  the money and all were said to have been sent through a third
party in the person of the chief of staff to the president Alhaji ABBA

The plot to go for the senate President is said to have received a
wide blessing across board in most of the Northern states with even
the  notorious herdsman through their Umbrella body yesterday calling
out for the removal of Saraki too. In the  words  of the Fulani
herdsmen(MACBAN)   ’’leaving saraki in this period as head of the
senate would be counterproductive to the unity of Nigerian as he is a
defender of the  IPOB by virtue of his recent speech:”’

Daily Watch
investigations confirmed that the threat to Saraki’s
position is still as potent as the day it started as the Presidency
has enlisted  APC governors and Traditional rulers with mouth-watering
offers to mount pressure on their subjects in the senate to toe the
Anti Saraki line but this seem to be hitting the brick wall.


Already, the senate President is said to be aware of the serial
plots against him and has also not only reach out to senators but used
the recent closed door meet and committees changes mechanism to
counter any move against him.


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