Confused Imo Governor Okorocha toys with plan-B

Governor Rochas-Okorocha



        *As intense efforts geared towards his Deputy removal heats up Imo.

       *House of Assembly members in Bazaar season as Okorocha Millions for impeachment titillates them

OWERRI-The Crestfallen Imo State Governor  seemed not to be giving up despite his lose in the APC battle over who holds the Ace of the Party in the State and his unequivocal stands to enthrone his Son In law as the next governor of the State.

Okorocha who has turned Abuja to an extension office of the Imo state governor House seemed also to have taken the Presidential Villa and Osibanjo’s office as his new abode all in an effort to get a reprieve from the political heat his Deputy and Imo Stakeholders are piling on him on a daily basis.

Already, the wise governor seem to be preparing his mind on a plan B incase the President and Vice President failed to help him out of the gridlock he has found himself in the battle for the control of the APC structures in Imo state.

Governor Okorocha who secretly as a plan B strategy met  with some top APGA officials days ago with a plea to move his Political group to the party and dropping of 3 billion to oil the wheel of APGA in Imo state if his Son In-law Uche Nwosu would be allowed to wear the hat of the party in the coming Governorship battle in the state should he failed to sway the President and the Vice to hand over the Imo structures to him got a favorable response from the APGA team who are said to have taken the Okorocha’s proposal to the Anambra State Governor and the APGA leadership who were all said to have accepted the grand ploy for Okorocha’s protégé and Son In law in Law Uche Nwosu to wear the APGA crown if all failed in the APC.

Though the Okorocha’s media team have struggle strenuously to put a lie to this claim evidences on ground point to the fact that indeed Okorocha approached the APGA and the SDP for succor in case the APC failed to accede to his bid to take over the already lost congresses in the state.

The Governor in his anger is said to have reached out with Several Millions to the State House of Assembly members who are said to be his puppets to stage an impeachment like that of his former Deputy Agbaso on the new Deputy Eze Madumere who in the last dispensation was also used to edge out Agbaso in Okorocha’s desperation for 2nd term then.

Tension is the name of the game politically in Imo state presently as the situation seem dicey among political supporters of both camps.

Spokesperson for the Imo State Governor Samuel Onwenmeado denied any plan of the Governor to move to any other Party as Okorocha is 100 percent certain of turning the tables against the enemies of the state as he described the Deputy Governor and his supporters.

Daily Watch also reached Out to Uche Onwuchkwu the Press Secretary to Eze Madumere who confirmed the stories of an intended impeachment plot with several millions of Naira budget against his boss but assured Daily Watch that all will fall like a pack of Cards as the People are hell bent on stopping Okorocha from installing his Son In law and would not support any effort to see that dream come through.



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