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Confirmed: Buhari has no Certificate-WAEC

Buhari and members of his kitchen cabinet celebrate over purported WAEC certificate

  *As Buhari legal team gets confused over certificate issue.

By Steve Seigha & Isa Yusuf

President Mohammadu Buhari truly has no WAEC Certificate as he never completed his Secondary School to Class Five before been drafted into the Nigeria Military which till date is Northern Nigerian friendly as most Northerners getting enlisted never truly have any certificate at all.

This certificate less situation is said to be giving the Buhari Legal team a big headache since the President has swore on oath that he has a certificate from WAEC with the Military which in reality is a pack of well crafted lies  according to the Nigerian Military.

Daily watch findings confirmed that of all the issues raised by the Abubakar Atiku’s Legal team  the issue of no certificate seemed to have hit the President on the jugular following their listing of the controversial and unending certificate brouhaha that has trailed President Buhari from day one.

Daily Watch findings from the desk of the Atiku’s legal team confirmed that Atiku and his team are certain of the fact that the President has no WAEC result having scooped through WAEC and all examination body with no Buhari Mohammed ever sitting for any examination since the President mainly moved to the Nigerian Army from class three or four at that time the Northern elite were rushing Northerners into top Military position with the view of taking over the Military.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the Atiku Legal team is plotting to force the President through the tribunal to Present his so called Certificate he claimed in 2015 was with the Nigerian Military Board with the summoning of the Military which had totally denied the moonlight tale under oath to state their case on the certificate issue and also to summon the West African Examination Council under Oath to provide  the results of President Mohammadu Buhari with them and not the  strange paper in name  and to Whom It May Concern issued o the President prior to the Elections by some crooked fellow in WAEC .

Daily watch Sources has it that almost all Northerners  of the age of Buhari know of a fact that Buhari truly  never have a certificate of any dorm as stipulated by the Constitution and this seemed to be causing uncommon confusion in the Buhari Legal team on how to wriggle out of the great conundrum of ‘certificatelessness’.


Daily Watch Sources has it that of all the five   points given by the Atiku Legal team challenging the Victory of President Buhari, the certificate issue seemed to be creating confusion in the Villa as the Cabal met two days back over same after two teams  of government agents and alleys dispatched  to United Kingdom to see how there can find a way with money to get a certificate  from the  then British  Examination  body which was in charge of Examination under the Northern region then as against the bandying of a WAEC attestation as WAEC has not commenced any  examination in the Northern region  failed to bring any form of succor after staying in the United Kingdom for three Weeks on the mission.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the team which were told to spare no amount in their negotiation with those in charge/custody  and helm of the examination body failed to get any headway on the certificate crisis.

The four man team that made the trip included A professor of Fulani extraction who sometime prior to the 2019 elections openly said that the whole of Benue Belong to the Fulanis  and he is said to have led the delegation to UK for the botched trip that never find any way out of the result log jam for the APC Presidential Candidate and President of Nigeria who from every indication certainly has no school certificate but yet  was able wrangle his way to become a general in the Nigerian Military.

Attempt to reach out to the President Spokes persons on the unsuccessful mission to the UK t by some top Fulani Academic over President Buhari Certificate Brouhaha was not possible as none was ready to speak on it.




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