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Clergy charges Nigerians on enthronement of good leader

Primate Ademisokun Turton

By Joseph Lebi, Lagos

The head of unification of the Cherubim and Seraphim in Ondo state, Primate Ademisokun Turton has called on Christians all over Nigeria to pray for enthronement of a compassionate, selfless and revolutionary government in the coming electioneering process.

While preparing for this year annual national convention of Success Gate Mission (Ibode Aseyori) which is holding in Akure the Ondo state capital, Primate Turton in his prayer intercession called on God to effect a spiritual change that will bring happiness to the people of Nigeria and make them live in a free, secured society with abundance.


Considering the quantum of natural endowment deposited in the country, Primate Turton said with good governance, Nigerians should be living in opulence and the country should be one of the nest among the comity of nations in the world.

He described Easter as an all important occasion which is a strong factor that is still upholding sanity and sanctity of the human race and admonished both Christians and non Christians to have faith in God and stay away from any form of acts that could affect the society in a negative way.

Primate Turton also frowned at political leaders who are in government and can not formulate policies that will make life easy for ordinary citizens. He said a good government will never be convenient to see the people begging to survive or fold it’s arms when people are being killed randomly.

He charged Nigeria government to rearrange it’s policies and prioritise welfare of the citizens both young and old, workers and even pensioners saying the essence of governance has been defeated in Nigeria and there is need to rekindle hope for all and sundry who are currently suffering all over the country.

He concluded by imploring Nigerians to got for credibility because the choice is in their hands saying the electorate should be wiser now and understand better that nothing good can come out of politics of stomach infrastructure which popularly known in the south west of Nigeria as ‘dibo ko sebe’ vote and cook soup.


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