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Civil war looms; N/Delta leaders ignorant and insensitive



By Israel Joe

It is no news that the security architecture of the country faces great dangers as regions now tend to negotiate using under-covered militants framed with different appellations across board. My intention as a social analyst upon this write-up is to foretell what lies ahead using historical social analytical theories which predicts almost accurately with unarguable precision.

Without apologies, I can authoritatively say that our South-South political leaders are not sensitive to this present times. Off course, we are not intelligent people by DNA like the South-West neither have we occupy the political space like the North nor talented and skilled like the South East. We are only a blessed people who do not also have the collective Will-Power to control the wealth deposited on us by nature (God).

I have followed the whole debate about the ‘Operation Amotekun’ and the huge support given to it by almost all Yoruba leaders, activists, intellectuals and entertainers. I heard a governor said he can sacrifice doing only a single term provided the ‘operation Amotekun’ succeeds. I am quietly following the stand of Northern leaders including the presidency and other security institutions who want the security outfit illegalized since the North have gained much power negotiating with ‘meyetti Allah’.

For the South-East, the youths are ever ready to defend them especially with the dogged leader of the IPOB in the person of Nnamdi Kanu. The Ibos are aware the North would never relinquish power in 2023 hence they secretly and openly support IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu to form a strong base of negotiation come 2023. The South-West have with their rugged intelligence knew that the activities of ‘Meyetti Allah’ must be countered and checkmated hence their collective support and die-hard stand for ‘Operation Amotekun’ and economic negotiating powers.

Coming home to the South-South, we have very few intelligent people. Most of these persons lack financial powers only being relegated to appointments where their bills can be paid and their potential never manifested. Our South-South leaders are not aware of the impending doom and power calculations of 2023, therefore are still fighting themselves for selfish interest. From Edo State fight between Obaseki and Oshiomole to Rivers between Wike and Amechi down to Delta between Ogboru, Okowa, Ibori and Omo-Agege. The same in Bayelsa between Former president Goodluck Jonathan, the APC folds and Gov. Dickson to that of Cross River and Akwa-Ibom respectively.

All these selfish tussles by South-South leaders have disallowed them from sensing what lies ahead in order to prepare their youths for the coming battle. For the South-South, you have not seen any oppression till 2023. If these battles are not subjected to regional interest, save this article today, we shall beg for survival and the youths who may have lacked direction from the united leaders may return to hostility and militancy with fresh champions.

I would love to explain better in a clear terms how prepared every region is except for the South-South but caution must not be thrown into the wind in a country where reason is treason. Later in future, people would remember this write-up either for good or for bad. South-South leaders should be warned and prepare ahead of time. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

Comr. Israel Joe
Civil Rights Activist.




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