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Certificate forgery: Obono-Obla in touble as police seals off office

Obono Obla

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Overzealous and sometime garrulous certificate forger cum corruption fighter Obono Obla who seats as on top the position of head of presidential Investigative Panel seemed to be turning into a hunted man himself as Police has taken over his office at Asokoro Area of the Federal Capital.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Obono Obla whose Law Certificate from the University of Jos was gotten via a fake WAEC result that actually belonging to someone else and the scores in English even doctored to read Credit seemed to have bitten much more than he can chew as he is now in thick of some kind of corruption related crisis which has seen the Presidency authorizing Police to seal his office and prevent him from accessing same.

The Certificate forger who takes delight in working more on the pages of newspapers than in the court room seemed to have now moved from a hunter to the hunted just as serious corruption issues are said to be on his head that has led to him been blocked out of his office by the Presidency.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that excerpt there is a quick change in mind of the Presidency, Obono Obla would be facing some form of corruption relayed investigations and charged to court sooner than Nigerians expected.

Obono Obla who heads the Presidential Panel on government Properties and more notorious in the in the pages of newspaper harassing and insulting several prominent Nigerians over Properties rather than taking them to court seemed to be getting the same pound of flesh he dished out to others every other day in the  newspapers where he does his corruption fight as against the Court of LAW.

Daily Watch tried repeatedly to speak with the renowned certificate forger over the stern looking officers that has taken his office and sealed him out was not possible as he is said to be in hiding himself.




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