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CBN secret N500 billion  audio: Emefiele, others secretly hire private investigators to fish out audio recorder

Godwin Emefiele


By Ahmed Ahmadu

That the Nigerian central Bank boss Emiefele was exposed in an audio conversation with some other officers of the Apex bank is no more news, neither is it news that there are now several legal cases in court over devices other financial misappropriation  of  hard cash from oil sales the esteemed banker  was involved in.

The issue on ground now is the speed with which all those involved in the CBN grand scam, one of the biggest in the history of the a government that  to be tackling and fighting corruption.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the CBN big shot though has repeatedly come out to deny all that was said and exposed in the audio discuss that has gone viral yet has in collaboration with his partners in fraud and manipulation paid out some amount to some private investigators to find out who and how the audio was made and got out to the medium that released it.

Daily watch findings which were as surprising and as shocking seemed to have now lay credence to the authenticity of the Audio since those involved are said to be frantically investigating the leakage of their discussion in an attempt to know who did it and if others are still lying in wait to be release knowing that much more than what Nigerians heard in the audio was discussed the day that same recording was made.

Daily Watch sources also confirmed that the last of the whole Audio vibes has not ended as they are said to be about four parts of the audio and just only one has so far hit the news wave with about three to go and which will even shock Nigerians the more in this seasons of recordings.

Daily watch Sources confirmed that the investigators have swung into action to unearth how the discuss which was done in the secrete official confine and classified meet among the Bank top  officers got recorded at all.

Daily watch Sources also confirmed that te Ptesicdetial Cabal is already interested in the matter and doing its own secret investigations not to do ant arrest or for any other purpose but to see how as usual the cabal can make more money from the culprits as always been the case when heavy financial crimes or issues are involved as the culprits are usually made by the cabal to part with some percentages of the loot using the official, clearing house of the Cabal which is the office of the Chief of Staff to make their own gain from such  criminal acquisitions as was displayed in the billions of dollars and gold  bars that were carted away in some raids of the official residence of those involved in the Malabu scandal with not one kobo of the several billions in cash and gold remitted to the confine of the Central bank or reported in the media or spoken about by the EFCC and the DSS that carried out the raids on behalf of the office of the Chief of Staff to the President with not even a dime to the official whistle blower that exposed the hidden billions and gold bars.

Daily Watch frantic efforts to reach out to the EFCC spokes person Tony Orilade on why  expose of this monumental nature with vast implication for the financial state of the Nation’s economy are not quickly investigated by the anti graft body rather than running after yahoo boys and perceived opponents of the Buhari’s Administration was not successful as he was not picking his calls or replying to text messages dropped through his number.




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