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Can Buhari and RUGA defenders tell Nigerians the peace to Southern Kaduna after seveal years?-Maxwell Udoh

Muhammadu Buhari

“When associates and sycophants alike of President Buhari  Fulani Land expansionist project called RUGA speaks they most times think millions of Nigerians are as foolish as they are because if they are not they would have been able to tell Nigerians the immense peace and benefit the people of Southern Kaduna that foolishly gave up part of their Land for some kind of deceitful RUGA project several years ago re now enjoying in the hands of the so called peace loving Fulani’s.they should help us through National television and other media  to highlight the plight of the Southern Kaduna people that made the perfect mistake of handing their vast land to the Fulani’s and the general peace it has given them even till date ,that way others would quickly understand the RUGA deceit than the many stories of its benefits’’

It is with this strong words of caution that the ever vocal Niger Delta Militant leader of the New Bakassi Strike Force (NBSF) General Maxwell Udoh gave his honest views on the recently suspended RUGA plots of the Buhari’s administration and the much talked about Islamization and Fulanization agenda of the Present administration.

General Udoh caution Nigerians to look perfectly well before they leap as the whole RUGa is simply a well coded plot to make the Fulanis Indegenes of every state were they would later have their own traditional Rular, then emirates in almost all the states of Nigeria as is happening in Lagos and Kaduna state today where they already have their own traditional Emirs and in Bwari FCT where their plot is gaining ground with the installing of a third Class traditional Rular in Bwari who would in the long run become Chairman of the FCT traditional Council as happened in Kwara State where a Gambari sits over the Yoruba’s.

In the lucid words of the Militant leader Maxwell “ those who can should go to Kwara state and study how a Gambari became the head of Kwara State Traditional Council or how the People of Kachi in Southrn Kaduna that foolishly fell for the RUGa game plot several years back are now paying with their lives and even farms in the new wave of expansionist taste of the so called Fulani’s. They should as the  Imo state, Benue state, Taraba , some parts of Delta ,Ekiti etc what they are getting in the hands of the Fulani’s presently when they have no land in these states and what would happen when they are fully with land and indigenes with land mass as big as a local Government in their states. Let them ask Mr. President and his fans of RUGA if they would be willing to cede the same land mass Nationwide to the Igbos and the Tivs nationwide to help rejuvenate the Agricultural sector that the so called Fulani herdsmen has almost killed or it is only the Fulani’s that are fit for Land Nationwide”

The Militant leader described President Buhari as one President that  Came To power with a fixed agenda for the Fulanis and none for Nigerians just as he asked the Buhari’s fans to state one project that the administration has started or completed since the four years plus it has been in power but within same period it has promoted an all Fulani Agenda/

In the words of Maxwell “Can any supporter of President Buhari RUGA bushtit name one serious Project this President has completed or spent real cash on to achieve?.But in less than a week several Billions from nowhere had appeared for the Fulani RUGA projects just as he  proscribed the peaceful IPOB yet letting Killer Herdsmen, the Genocidal soldiers of the Fulanis a free reign, Giving Radio License to Fulani’s with Federal Fund, turning Nigeria Security to a Fulani National Security  Force ,Freeing mot Fulanis involved in looting and turning to prosecute and harass others involved in same yet some blind sycophants for pecuniary reasons seem to be enamored with RUGA when Ranching and anti Grazing are better option but would never be supported by President  Buhari because it would not help his Fulani agenda since it would rather thwart it. Let them Buhari’s men tell us how RUGA has turned the Southern Kaduna people of Kachie to slaves in their own Land and how the Fulanis are now treating them as slaves, maiming and killing them like chicken and all appointments from Kaduna now go to the same Fulanis in the name of Kaduna.

Let them Buhari Ruga supporters   and Nigerians supporting the hogwash RUGA to ask ex President Olusegun Obasanjo aides   Ashake from Southern Kaduna who spoke on Channels on their tales in the hands of the Fulanis  on same RUGA years ago and they would weep”.

Udoh advises people from Taraba, Benue and others to see the deceit upon which the RUGA scheme is built upon and stop it for now since the future, the years ahead with Ruga would be much more disastrous than what the people of Taraba, Benue and Kaduna are presently facing.

In the  wise counsel of Udoh “Am plainly cautioning and warning that if Niger Deltans, Taraba, Benue and the Igbos are not wise to see the deceit of the whole Buhari administration and the suspended RUGA then they would in years to come  be weeping like the People of Southern Kaduna, Benue and Taraba are now doing as the administration would come again with a new name and schemes for the suspended RUGA to deceive them ,the same administration that refused to see Ranching as the antidote to the killings of the genocidal Herdsmen and anti Grazing as the Panacea for peace between farmers and herders in Nigeria




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