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Cabal, Senate President, Speaker meet over re-introduction of water way bill

Senator Ahmed Lawan

*Billions doled out for Lobbying of National assembly members

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

The plot to re-introduce, lobby, fast tract and pass the controversial Water Way Bill once rejected and thrown out by the defunct Senate  led by the ex Senate President Bukola Saraki is still fully on as the Presidential Cabal, the Originator of the Controversial Water way, RUGA and Livestock Investment Program me is still bent on getting the bill passed by hook or by Crook.


Daily watch investigations confirmed that few Weeks ago the Cabal leadership summoned like school boys secretly the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representative over the Bill and without mincing words told them bluntly that their emergence into their esteemed position was not because of their Intelligence of Special Qualities but basically as a result of the painstaking efforts  of the Cabal and the need for them to act accordingly in ways that must be pleasing to the Cabal if they were to remain firmly on their seats all through the next four years or get removed as fast as they got in to their positions’

Daily Watch ears in the Villa Confirmed that the duo were bluntly told to always work in every and anything that would see to the smooth operation of the 2nd term of President Buhari rather than allow for any problem or discuss that would cast disrespect, aspersion or  paint the administration in any bad light in any form whether during over sight function or other parliamentary duties as it may apply.

The duo were also reminded on the importance of the Water Way Bill which the President holds dear to his heat and the need for not just re-introduction of the Controversial Bill but for its urgent passage by hook or by Crook to prove their fierce an uncompromising loyalty to the President, the duo were  also assured of immense assistance and monumental financial backing to the tune of Billions of Naira to help in the lobby and oil the quick passage of the controversial Bill when  it is e-introduced in an extremely record time as the President is desirous of getting that Bill passed in to law with urgency.

Daily watch ears confirmed that it was a docile and subservient pair  looking like water beaten fowl that left the presence of the defector President Mamman Duara after the lecture on how not to get the Presidency miffed, embarrassed or unusually opposed in any way via their parliamentary duties and work.

Daily Watch Confirmed that sooner than later the controversial Water Bill would hit the National Assembly but this time  not just with the full pressure and unusual push by the leadership of the two houses of the National Assembly but also with enough financial bounty to win opposing National assembly members from the South South. South East, South West and Middle belt who are said to be total averse to the passage of the controversial bill that  is set to transfer ownership of the Water Ways to the Federal Government to the detriment of the states.

Daily Watch frantic effort to get the aide of the senate President to comment on the purported meet between the Senate President ,Speaker and some key members of the Cabal over the issue of the re introduction of the once defeated Controversial Water way Bill back to the National assembly and the budgeting of some huge financial windfall for lobbying was not possible as at press Time.




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