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Buhari’s ministers in frantic lobby to return to cabinet


*Throng Emir, Traditional Rulers, APC leaders with Millions of naira worth of cash, gifts

Tension is now said to have enveloped almost all the Ministers in the Present administration following fillers that the President is set to dissolve his Cabinet in  the very shortest possible date and begin search for those to  replace and become the new cabinet in the president 2nd term.

Daily Watch Findings confirmed that several of the present Ministers are already desperately and shamelessly lobbying with millions of Naira in gifts and cash to be appointed back into the incoming  2nd term administration of Mohammadu Buhari.

Daily Watch findings has it that the homes and Palace of several Traditional rulers I the North has become a beehive of lobbyist who are said to be thronging the palaces and homes to help them make t again to the new Cabinet.

Findings confirmed that one of the most outspoken Minister from Kwara State is said to have met over three Emirs with gifts running into several Millions to help put words for him to return back as a Minister from Kwara state having in his words help punish the dictator and send him packing from Kwara state.

The Minister who is presently about facing the Courts over several Multi Million Naira loots  is also said to have got the blessings of one of the most revered traditional ruler in Kwara state but whether this would help his course is a discuss for another day.

Daily Watch Findings has it that several other Ministers are said to be frantically lobbying the APC Chairman and also the self acclaimed leader of the Party Bola Tinubu tp put in words for them but how far this works help them cannot be known for now until the names of the new Ministers are announced.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with the President Media team in Abuja on the reported lobbying ongoing by several of the outgoing ministers to come back was not possible as at press time as none of them was willing to speak on the topic more so as reports also have it that they too are not free from the lobby train.





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