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Buhari’s Govt Goes after Atiku; Plots to kill his business empire over 2019



 ABUJA-What is becoming clearer to members of the Public and Nigerians generally is the Buhari’s administration is set to break no opposition in its plans to take over power come 2019 either by crook or whatever pattern.

As exposed by Daily Watch several weeks back when the Buhari’s administration first went for Sule Lamido ex-governor of Jigawa state on a spurious charge against him  the government is now openly on the offensive against all  perceived Presidential hopefuls prior to the opening of the Political space .

Today, the chicken has come home to roast as the Government after using the Group Managing Director of the Nigeria Ports Authority and appointee of Mallam El Rufai in Buhari’s government  Ms. Hadiza Bala Usman (a great ‘friend’ of El Rufai ,the Governor of Kaduna State right from her days in Rufai’s deals in FCT)to deal a serious blow in the monopoly enjoyed by Abubakar Atiku Intel company for over 25 years at the Port is said to be  now gunning fully for Atiku Abubarkar with the intent of nailing all his business so as to push him to withdraw in his bid to take on the Presidential contest.

Already the Federal Government through the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has gone further to seal the headquarters of the Ex Vice President Cash Cow Intels services Company in Onne, Rivers state just weeks after stripping the said company of its monopoly at the Ports.

Intel as it is known to all operates in a Free Zone authority in Nigeria Niger Delta but the FIRS is today accusing the company that has been in existence for over 25 years of operating illegally within the zone.

This sealing of Atiku’s company is coming less than a week after the Federal Government through the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) headed by Hadiza Bala Usman terminated the Boats Pilot age monitoring and supervision agreement that NPA had with Intel  and already plotting to giving same to another company that is said to have members of the inner caucus of the Buhari’s administration as owners.

By all these Intel which is partly owned by Abubarkar Atiku and an Italian Mr. Gabriel Volpi with Nigerian Citizenship is set to lose several Millions of dollars in commissions and a sacking of hundreds of workers if not curbed.

Already, the Managing Director of the Nigeria Ports Authority Hadiza Bala Usman  has given Intel a three Months quit notice to vacate the ports after the termination of the NPA’s contract with Intel and the MD has expose on serial plots by the Cabal in Buhari’s government and some retired Generals to deal with Atiku and totally destroy his ambition to contest the  2019 presidential elections.

The game that is  playing out now by the NPA and ministry of Justice and the FIRS are all geared towards hitting Atiku and forcing him to withdraw from the 2019 presidential contest.

But will Atiku the master of Political strategy   and one of the most potential presidential hopeful with the clout to pull an upset in 2019 bow to the intimidation and business attack going on  or  fight for his rights legally as he did during the evil days of Obasanjo onslaught against the Grandmaster Atiku Abubarka?. The days ahead would tell.




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