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Buhari’s certificate: Produce official ledger, CUPP tells WAEC

Sham: WAEC presents fresh certificate for President Muhammadu Buhari

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has described as laughable and unbelievable the release of a confirmation of result by WAEC to President Buhari.

The registrar of WAEC, Dr. Iyi Uwadiae, presented a certificate to Buhari on Friday at the State.

Reacting to that presentation, CUPP said in a statement signed by its National Spokesperson Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, that “the sudden release of a suspicious confirmation of result by WAEC in favour of Buhari few days to the commencement of the suit seeking to disqualify Buhari from the 2019 election is laughable, unbelievable and a desperate effort to mislead the court and shield Buhari from disqualification from participation in the 2019 general election.”

Buhari and members of his kitchen cabinet celebrate over WAEC certificate

Recall that CUPP had on October 29, filed a suit before an Abuja High Court seeking an order of court disqualifying Buhari from contesting in next year’s presidential election on the ground that he did not have the educational qualification.

The opposition had also sought for an order of court nullifying the years already spent as President by Buhari.

Ugochinyere, in the statement called on WAEC “to produce the official ledger and booklet containing the scores and records of names of students of the provincial secondary school Katsina, now called Government Secondary School, who sat for the exam in 1961 and not the manufactured after thought confirmation of result which is not backed with any evidence to show President Buhari participated in the 1961 exams.”

He accused WAEC of succumbing to pressure from high quarters to issue out the document which he called suspicious saying it was aimed at misleading Nigerians and the court into believing that Buhari sat for the WAEC certificate exam when in actual sense he did not, since there was no evidence to support the assertion.

He said; “Let Nigerians be reminded that few days ago the opposition raised an alarm that there was ongoing move to tamper with the records of WAEC and pressure the leadership into manufacturing a result for President Buhari. Today’s action of WAEC has vindicated our earlier fears and confirmed our stand that WAEC is now competing with Oluwale Market in manufacturing documents.”

The CUPP challenged WAEC to publicly display the original 1961 ledger and booklet showing the names of the candidates who sat for the exam from the provincial secondary school Kastina, in 1961 to back up the confirmation of result issued to Buhari or apologise to Nigerians for attempting to mislead with the booklet and destroy the credibility of the once respected examination body noting that no amount of desperation engineered misinformation can change the mind of Nigerian voters from voting out the incompetent regime of President Buhari that have destroyed the Nigerian economy, divided our people and made our nation insecure.




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