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Buhari’s APC moves to beg Miyetti Allah over 2019 fear

Muhammed Buhari

      *Sends Emissaries to beg them to stop land grabbing till after elections.


       *Killings, looting may stop until after 2019 elections.


ABUJA-    Barring any last minute change of plans, the much talked about herdsmen killings and land aggrandizement by the ever vicious Fulani herdsmen may soon be a thing of the Past at least until after the 2019 General Elections if  secret discuss, plea, negotiations and high class persuasions is anything to judge.

Daily investigations Confirmed that following Theophilus Outrage over the menace of the herdsmen and the need for Nigerians to Defend themselves coupled with the fear of serious backlash for the President and his Party come 2019 elections the Political think tank of the APC was said to have met with the President few days ago with a comprehensive Proposal that would buy more converts for the President than Odium as it is now and by so gain more votes from the North Central which as it seems now a no go area vote wise for the APC.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the meet impressed it on the president and the Presidential Cabal the need to reach out through any means whatsoever to the Miyetti Allah‘s (MACBEN) leadership all over the Country using their leaders and Patrons.

According to Daily watch investigations the series of meet by the Nigeria governor Forum, Northern Governors Forum and several others in the North Recently with leaders of the Herdsmen umbrella body is as a result of the initiative to reduce the actions and reported killings in the hands of the Herdsmen until after 2019 so as to reduce and kill the angst in the land mostly the North Central against the President and the implications for 2019 elections.

Already according to investigations, the President is said to have met with Several Emirs in the North and who are Patrons of MACBEN and Has influenced on MACBEN  to plead with them to call off their pursuit or whatever it is that is pulling the killings and land pursuit at least until after the 2019 elections so as not to affect his chances of coming back 2019 for a 2nd term.

 If and as planned by the President Political caucus the herdsmen sheathe their sword definitely it world help to push the President Chances higher in the North Central where the killings are more pronounced and anger against the President is highest.

  Daily watch investigations confirmed that the marathon meets by several groups these days with the MACBEN leaders is geared towards the aim of upping the president Profile and downing the anger against him.

Attempts to speak to the President Media team why it is now that the North Governors and Nigerian governors Forum chooses to speak out to the Herdsmen umbrella body after series of killings in the North Central was not possible despite several calls to their lines.



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