Buhari Sets to Leave for London Soon

Muhammadu Buhari

ABUJA-The return of the President and commander in Chief of the
armed forces to Nigeria from London hospital which was greeted with unrivalled euphoria and jubilation would soon be short-lived after all, if information at the disposal of daily watch crew is anything to go by.

Investigation by Daily Watch crew has confirmed by an insider in Aso Rock who pleaded not to be mentioned said that the President Mohammadu Buhari who landed the country less than a week ago is already set to return
for the United Kingdom in continuation of his treatment as he was only
allowed by his doctors to leave for less than a month.

The story of Mr. President eventual departure has presently
cast a dark cloud among the jubilant members of the Aso Rock Cabals
who had wanted the president to remain for at least six months   so as
to kill the tension his Absence from the villa has generated before
his unexpected return which was said to be against his Doctor’s

Already ,it has been confirmed by Daily watch  that a
presidential team is been put on emergency alert to take the President
back to the United kingdom at any moment hence, the red alert by the
Presidential crew manning the Presidential Jet in the past three days.

How soon the president would leave is for now not certain but what is
so certain for now is that President Mohammadu Buhari  would be
departing Nigerian soil in less than two months from this day,



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