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Buhari, security chiefs know those creating insecurity- Gen. Maxwell Udoh

President Muhammadu Buhari and security chiefs

By Steve Seigha

“In this country the constitution is not supreme as they exist two different sets of laws for Nigerians and Nigeria depending on where one comes from in almost every issue under the sun. check it out, Nigeria constitution says all mineral resources belongs to the Federal Government so oil from the Southern part, VAT etc must be shared using states, Local Government Areas  and phony Population figures to give the North higher shares yet when it comes to exploitation of Minerals the Northern states enjoys hundred percent as they grant license to miners, their people Exploit the gold and other Minerals and sell nothing is shared with the Southern region. Again when it come to Policing we have State Police in the North popular called the Hisbah, the raid homes, create their own laws and even telling Nigerians not to ea outside during Ramandar fasting as any Who does would be remanded, yes remanded for eating outside in a Secular Country, yet Rivers state and others can set up any state Security body without Federal might and pressure to stop, even in recruitment Civilian JTF are pushed in their thousands into the Military without Certificates and even when recruitment has no started yet we are in same Nigeria were Southerners must Present School Certificates and await formal announcement for recruitments’’.

It is as usual with this blunt but solid food for thought that the ever vocal leader of the New Bakassi Strike Force (NBSF) General Maxwell Udoh commenced his commentary on the security challenges facing the Nation and Sundry other Issues in our Polity.


Maxwell who described the serious general Insecurity in the Country especially in most of the Northern states as nothing surprising tagged it all as the usual response to the enslavement mentality that the Northern leaders  have been carrying out against their own people over the years that is now turning round to catching up on them and certainly peace to even eat their loot has started eluding them as even they cannot sleep in their respective villages with eyes closed for fear of the boys who are their own creation.

In the words of Maxwell “Am not worried about the insecurity in the Northern part of the Country because it is self induced. When u refused to educate your people, rule over them using the idea of Slave mentality over several years the results is what is playing out in the North. The slaves and downtrodden whose heads have been cracked over the years are now getting wiser and independent, brutal and fighting back and the results are the diverse groups, bandits, kidnappers, killers and self styled government we now see all over the North and this is the start of a massive revolution that would overtake the North because even slaves we see every where will one day rise up against his masters”

The militant leader Maxwell Udoh, likened the cacophony of guns, killings and dangerous groups in the Northern part as symptomatic of the wickedness of the rulers of the North who over the years despite skewed arrangements in the constitution to favour the North have not allowed the gains of such evil skewed system to cascade down to the average northerners but grabbed and looted by the elites who thought they were wise but now seeing the level of their wisdom as they themselves can’t sleep properly even with the heavy looted wealth of the average Northerners in the kitty.

According to Udoh “When your greed and wickedness lead you into stealing everything that belongs to a people without even education for them but send your kids and family abroad, the slaves would one day see through your tricks and antics and forcefully come after you by hook or by crook to also collect all you stole from them through deceit and crooked means and that is what is playing out in almost all the states in the North coupled with the Menace of herdsmen who are also looking for means to expand their territories and religion as has been their ways over the years far before Nigeria became a nation and this assault on Nigerians by this wicked and Military foot soldiers of some select groups in the North styled as herdsmen are well known to the President and his Security chiefs or how come the Country President and all their Security top brass had to meet with these self styled killers who are lords and government unto themselves on how peace can return to the Country. Does it not clearly tell you that the Federal Government led by President Mohammadu Buhari and all its Security chiefs knows those who are creating the high grade insecurity in Nigeria hence instead of arresting and dealing decisively with them goes begging them with promises of compensation to go on a ceasefire funnily following the same footstep of Governor El-Rufai, the great tribal scion of Kaduna who several years back open boasted of settling the Fulani herders(Killers) in his state to stop onslaught on  the people of the state. But has that great Greek gift of settlement by El-Rufai stopped the killings by this wicked groups from ding their acts in Kaduna? Certainly no, as they have rather expanded their killing spray to the level the Buhari Government is plotting to again compensate them. Soon, they would become rulers of the Nation directly because the government in place pays obeisance to them by even meeting with them in the first place after knowing their pedigree instead of arresting and prosecuting them”.

The Niger Delta Militant leader Maxwell who see  and described most so called southern leaders in government like Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, Fetus Kayamo and a lot of others as the real fools for refusing to see what is actually going on in the country, how Resources are been channeled to the North to the detriment of the Southern part ,how diamond, gold etc  is exploited by states in the North but oil is for all Nigerians without speaking up against such obnoxious games .

According to the Militant leader “Most if not all of the so called Niger Delta leaders in the Buhari’s Government and the Southerners are real fools who are there for the peanuts that filters into the pockets, for been given the peanuts as glorified slaves themselves if not are leaders like Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, Festus Kayamo, Itsa Sagey and the many others not seeing the selective resources allocation formula, the exploiting of oil, VAT for general use but the exploiting of Gold and its use by the Northerners and the state governments for their personal use? Or are there two different Laws on Mineral exploitation in Nigeria that makes  VAT and oil Exploitation a Federal Project but Gold and other Minerals exploited in the Northern part a State matter for them all to be mute even in this glaring deceit and rogue ways of the leaders in the North”



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