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Why Buhari would never let go of El–Zazaky even in death bed



          *The Saudi Arabia, 2015 connection


ABUJA-Recently the media was abuzz with the news of the death of the renowned and erudite Islamic cleric El Za Zaky leader of the most popular and fierce Iranian styled Shiite group in Nigeria.

While the Death story has been laid to rest with the deceitful manner the DSS used in bringing the Islamic leader and the wife to the Television stations to dispel the rumor of the man’s by deceiving the duo about their imminent  release as a way to get them to talk to the Press the real reasons for the  scholar continual detention despite over five Court rulings against his continual and  continues detention remains shrouded in extreme secrecy except for very few leaders of the APC.

Daily Watch investigations  confirmed that the Islaminic leader continual detention has little or nothing to do with the Security issues been peddled by the Nigerian Federal Government but more to do with the issues that transpired between some five leaders of the APC prior to 2015 elections and the Government of Saudi Arabia.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that El ZA Zaky’s fate was sealed during the diverse meet the APC leaders then had with the leaders of the Government of Saudi Arabia for several Billions of Naira to help in the propaganda and campaign of the APC  before the 2015 elections.

In the said agreement the Saudi Government which was very uncomfortable with the growth and Spread of the Shiitte Islamic sysytenm of Worship which is affiliated to that of the Revolutionary Government of Iran asked the few APC leaders then to curtail the spread of the shiites Islamic styled religion and allow for the Promotion of the of the Sunnis as one of the most important conditions for the Saudi’s release of Funds to the APC then for their campaign.

The APC having won the 2015 elections had to look for a way to fulfill their financial agreement and obligations  with the Saudi Government and the  planned and executed crisis between the Shiites and the Military in which thousands of Shiites believers were killed in cold blood including the leader El Za Zaky children were among became handy and today the heavily sick and half blinded revered leader of the shiites is in the detention of the DSS under the direct order of the Nigerian President despite all the courts in Nigeria ruling other wise without the President budging.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that El Za zaky would never ever be set free no matter how many courts of law or panels recommend such as the President is bent on keeping his agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help curtail the rapid spread of the Shiites Islamic mode of Belief and Worship which before now was spreading like wild fire among Muslims adherents in Northern Nigeria as against the Saudi’s brand of religious practices.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the meet with the Saudi team prior to the 2015vElections had among the five leaders three Serving Governors Presently and one of which his state is having problems with teachers  and was said to have led the delegations  that included another governor whose state stands as the Boko Haram Head Quarters in Nigeria  and all five  reached the callous and wicked agreement for fund that has resulted in the Shiite leader been held until now and this would be so until this Government leaves office  or the Shiite leader dies in the DSS detention.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with the Chairman of the APC and Governor of Kaduna State Malam El-Rufai who is said to be privy to the fund agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was rebuffed by his media Spokesman, the same for the Chairman of the APC in Nigeria Chief Odigie Oyegun.



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