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Buhari moves to placate herdsmen




          *Toes the line of decision reached by diverse herders in Kaduna days ago

          *To move for abrogation of anti-grazing laws in states, wants free grazing for herdsmen.



Muhammadu Buhari

ABUJA-The president seemed enamoured with the idea of placating the destructive and genocidal herdsmen rather than taking any firm action against them despite the numerous calls for their proscription and prosecution as he has moved from colony to a new game plan.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that all through the past week the President and his kitchen cabinet have been looking and searching for ways to help placate the herdsmen he labeled mere criminal gang rather than confront them frontally in spite of the killings of over 2,000 innocent Nigerians without reasons.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the President is already as a new plot after failing his colony plot in states to move for the abrogation or rather repealing of all anti grazing laws in the three states of Taraba, Ekiti and Benue state and put a stop on other states plot to the initiating of new ones by other state who sources confirm are deeply in the thick of initiating the same anti graft laws in their states.

Daily Watch confirm that this was part of the decision reached on Tuesday in the  Security  Council meet among the security chiefs and the President.

According to Daily Watch findings, the Buhari’s administration would use all necessary persuasion and even force to push on all three states to repeal all anti grazing laws to allow for free and unhindered pastoral by herdsmen all over the country as a way to placate and make the herdsmen stop their persistent and unstoppable killings around the states and country in general.

While Daily Watch cannot say what gave this new plot by the government, but  it can be confirmed that over seven Pastoral groups  namely  The Fulani title Holders of Nigeria, Pastoral Resolve(PARE), Mogbai Fulbe Development Association ,Jonde Jam Fulani association, MACBEN and Tabital Pulaaku Nigeria Chapter meet last week in Kaduna and vowed that they would battle and fight against any law that impede the economic and pastoral rights of the herders in Nigeria  and called on the government to repeal all anti grazing laws.




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