Buhari Ministers should surrender their ancestral lands to Fulani herdsmen, before they threaten us with death- Gen.Maxwell Udoh

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“If men like Femi Adesina and other Minister that openly threatened Nigerians with Death if lands are not given out  are so enamored with this so called land to the Fulanis for ranching why don’t they and other leaders as Bola Tinubu,Femi Adesina,Audu Ogbe,Chris Ngige,Orji Kalu,Adams Oshiomole who believe so much in Buhari and his Ranching go about ceding  their own ancestral land for the pilot scheme of this grrat projects for us to see before daring to issue death threats to us Nigerians on National television if we reject ranching or don’t they too have ancestral land good for ranching that they should give too to the Fulanis, so we too can see and emulate them in the  ceding  processes of our God given land to the Marauding killing Fulani  genocide beast for ranching”

It is with this strong administration that the Niger Delta Militant Leader of the dreaded New Bakkasi Strike Force Maxwell Udoh reacts to Femi Adesina threats of Death for those who rejects land for ranching in the Country.

The Militant leader who was so miffed with the serial utterances of Femi Adesina,asked him and others in support of President Buhari and his Fulani criminal gangs to first run to their respective communities and first start the land ceding process with their own ancestral land before other Nigerians should be advised to.

In the lucid words of the Militant “Wise men like Adesina should first teach us how to go about the ceding process by counselling men like himself, Bola Tinubu,Adams Oshiomole,Lai Mohammed and other aides and Ministers in Buhari government to first undertake the great land ceding Process to Fulanis criminal gang as the President called them so that we all Nigerians see how good and profitable it is to these APC stalwarts before they threatened us with death if we Nigerians don’t accede to land ceding to Fulanis in the Name of Ranching, another fine and highly decorated name for setting up of a Fulani Colony in all parts of the Country”

Maxwell described Adesina as a big coward and embarrassment to his religion, tribe and Nationality  for the utterances he  shameless uttered on National Television as it would have been much more touching and sound better to the ears if he had also openly handed his own ancestral land and asked all aides and Minister to first do before the National show of Shame.

According to Maxwell “Men like Adesina Femi whom I respected so much before his new found lies, deceit and shamelessness should have first before the national discuss of shame on Television counseled aides and others like  the Vocal and childish Georgina Onouha and the several Ministers in Buhari’s government to start the land donation from their ancestral home to the Fulanis for ranching as that would make the selling of this ranching abracadabra much more easier and seamless than what he is now doing, which is foolishly destroying his own name, family and religion in the sole purpose of getting more peanuts for his service”

Udoh likened Adesina to one hell of sheep because he cant do exactly the same thing he is openly canvassing for Buhari for him to be seen as working.the Militant leader asked Adesina to if he is serious go to men like Orji Kalu who has so much land in Abia,Ngige,Rotimi Amaechi Bola Tinubu,Shittu and the many supporters of Buhari to simply sell his ancestral land ceding projects to fasting the ranch take off for the Fulanis than addressing Nigerians since they who are closer to Buhari knows the best and the good they stand to gain from the so called Fulani Colonies cum ranching.

To Udoh‘’Adesina speech and threat should have been to men in government,ministers,aides and others like himself who knows Buhari so well and support him,who understands the gains of Fulani colony in the new name of Ranching to give out their own ancestral land so they would first reap the great benefits of this so called Colony/ranching business,he should meet so called  leaders like Orji Kalu who has so much lad in Abia,Bola Tinubu,.Shittu and the several aides like himself and ministers to begin the ceding process of their own ancestral land to hasten the colony take off in the Community and quickly be the first sets of Nigerians to reap the Profit and benefit of the this projects rather than issuing threats on Television”.

He counseled Adesina and the Buhari government not to make the mistake of moving such colony to the South South as they and which ever leader that support them would meet their match o the ground in the Niger Delta death for death as Adesina rightly put it.

According to Udoh “’Let Adesina and his madness stay put in the South West because it would not fly in the South South since any South Soth Leader that openly canvass and support these mad initiative of Buhari and his Fulanis brother, when mere land for church they can sell to us in the North would relocate to the North as the death which Adesina succinctly threatened Nigerians with would start from them and their families for not one man is and has the prerogative of war and killing”





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