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Buhari ministers pad another budget for 2019 elections funds

President Muhammadu Buhari


*items in some case repeated with different appropriation six to
eight times

*Senators refused lobby to let go all padding


President Buhari
ABUJA-The word padding  which was brought into the Nigerian lexicon with
Lawan a suspended member of the House of Representative seem to be
rearing its head but this time with the Buhari’s Ministers.

Daily Watch investigation s in the Senate confirms that the 2018 much
heralded budget of the future seem a classical deceit after all as the
Budget is said to containing nothing but repeated items running into
several billions when put together.

This discovery seem to be as  shocking and as unbelievable as it
sounds is the bold truth as the Nigeria senate despite lobbying and
plea by the   Presidency  to rush and pass the chronically defective
budget has come out to dump the budget like a pack of  dirty cards.

Daily Watch investigations confirms that almost every aspect of the
2018 budget has been totally padded by the Buhari’s Ministers towards
their 2019 APC campaigns and elections.

Daily Watch can confirm that the state of the budget was so padded and
deceptive that even the Minister for state for Power Mustapha Baba
Shuri was unable to defend or answer simple question put to him by the
Senate committee on Power over the serial reduplication of items in a
budget prepared by his ministry which he superintends with the intent
to loot by the Ministry of Power under Fashola  who refused to come
for the budget defence for fear of their padding been exposed after
all efforts to bribe members of senate to pass the budget with the
padding failed.

The Padding which also shows duplication of projects and injection
of projects already in the 2017 budget was glaring a budget meant to
loot the nation dry, for example the power Ministry budgeted 120
million,400 millions and 288 millions separately for the purchase
utility vehicles, the same Ministry earmarked 100 million naira for
mere transfer and management of files and documents and in same over
400 million captured for ICT transfer of files and documents a pure
intent to loot.

The same scenario in the Power Ministry is said to have been
replicated in almost all the ministry amounting to several Billions of
Naira padded into the Budget which the Ministers planned to withdraw
for elections purposes.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the senate has dumped the
‘budget of loot‘ with a shocked senate president openly confirming
that the 2018 budget  was ‘’heavily padded, inconsistent and full of
errors and inconsistencies’’’.

A notable and vocal Senator, Senator Dino Malaye also declare the 2018
budget as a ‘Boju Boju’ Budget a term  meant to mean a budget of
deceit in Nigerian Pigin.

Daily Watch findings in the senate confirmed that the Presidency
before now had been reaching out to the senators to pass the budget
the way it is before end of January knowing the loop holes for looting
that the budget is filled with but to which the senate was said to
have refused on the ground that Nigerians must know the truth from
where their problems stems from rather than the executive always
putting the lies and blames on the National Assembly.

Already the Senate has pushed discuss about the Budget to Next year as
confusion reigns over what Senator Dino Malaye described as a Boju
Boju Budget.

What many Nigerians are asking is if the Budget padding that was said
to be the work of the National Assembly has now shifted to the
Executive arm of Government after the President Vowed to prosecute all
those involved some years back  and to which Nigerians are still
waiting and for which the whistle blower then Jubril Lawan is still
serving his suspension for exposing the padding system then in the
House of Representative.

Daily Watch efforts to speak to the Minister of Finance of the
Executive padding was not feasible as her aides refused to comment
pleading for time.


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