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Buhari govt is inept, incompetent and totally corrupt- Baba Ahmed Yusuf Datti

Muhammadu Buhari

KADUNA- A member of the APC Alhaji Datti Baba Ahmed Yusuf has openly come out while dumping the APC to describe his former Party and the Government as a total disaster and one that is inept, incompetent and dangerously corrupt.

The ex-APC chieftain who before now was a pillar of the APC in Kaduna state dumped the APC for the PDP days ago after dropping his letter of resignation from the APC in his Tudun Wada Ward inn Zaria Local Government Area of Kaduna State.


The former CPC Senator who defeated c two time Kaduna State governor Ahmed  Markafi in the 2011 Senatorial elections and one time member of the House of Representatives between 2003-2011 described his former party the APC as totally rotten and the replica of all what they accused the Opposition PDP of as Corruption, ineptness and impunity are the trade mark of the APC.

According to Datti Ahmed while speaking to Daily Watch on Telephone days ago confirmed his resignation from the PDP as a result of what he described as the disgrace of the Buhari APC led Government which stinls to high heavens but still go about creating the impression of fighting corruption.

In the Words of Datti Ahmed “’the APC government stinks to high heavens as the scale of corruption and impunity is shockingly far higher and common than ever before in the country, here is a party that not only stinks but lack Vision, principles and not a single concrete plans for Nigerians”.

He likened the APC to a sinking ship and a directionless party that has  as the only major focus and  greatest characteristic as lying and propaganda in all perspective and aspect of Governance.


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