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Buhari is diverting attention from arresting Fulani known killers- Tiv youths




   *He is playing a calculated and well written script but he would be shocked

ABUJA-‘‘Why are we not talking of arresting the killers? Why are we putting reconciliation before the arrest and prosecution of known and confirmed Fulani Butchers? Why set up a scam   Osibanjo Panel instead of going after the killers and prosecuting them? Why talk glowingly about Colony when the killers are free and still killing with no plans to arrest them?’’

It is with these strong worded questions that the Tiv Youths have come out to openly label the Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari  and his team of Security chiefs as insincere and working on a script, a well written script on the issue of the herdsmen killings all over the Country.

The Tiv Youths under the umbrella body of the National Council of Tiv youths (NCTY) lambasted President Buhari for shielding the Fulani killers by his actions, utterances and deeds for his refusal to first go after the serial killers before talking of reconciliation, ranching or whatever.

They lambasted the President for his refusal to condemn and declare  the Miyetti Allah Breeders Association(MACBEN) despite killing over 2,000 Nigerians  as a terror group but fast to do same for other Organizations.

Speaking through their President Dr.John Akparashi the Tivs described in totality the so called  Osibanjo Committee as scam   as long as the killers are not facing the laws for their crimes and sees the whole Committee and the Federal Government shenanigans as simply dancing on the tombs of  the slaughtered Nigerians.

In their words  ”We have sounded it over and over again and still repeating our earlier stand that Buhari is not sincere in his approach to resolving this crisis which many are seeing as been sponsored, financed and coordinated to achieve a well written script, otherwise the only pragmatic and sensible thing to do first is arresting the killers and prosecuting leaders of MACBEN who severally  and consistently has come out to confess their crimes and even repeated  and confirmed by the defense minister of Nigeria that the killings was as a result of the anti-grazing Laws. It’s shocking today that no arrest has been made against these killers known to Government but all we hear is colony, ranching and how to placate the killers. Now   they are talking of reconciliations, Who do they want to reconcile with? The Osibanjo committee is the biggest scam and a classical insult to Nigerians. We know certainly those killing us, we know those as a matter of fact protecting our killers but at the appropriate time this whole butchery and orgy shall be history’’

According to the Tivs, Buhari is not sincere and so are his defense Ministers, Inspector General of Police, DSS Boss etc as all who are incidentally Fulanis  are playing the same script known to them all thinking they are smart and fooling the Tivs or Nigerians with their charades, shenanigans and monumental cover ups in favor of the Genocidal herdsmen but soon they would know and understand that the whole Tiv nation are not fools and lame duck for the Fulani militia, land jihadist cum herdsmen to just slaughter for the sake of land aggrandizement.




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