Home CRIME Buhari corruption war in tartar as DSS DG Duara loots DSS dry

Buhari corruption war in tartar as DSS DG Duara loots DSS dry



*Looted over 10 billion in less than two years

*How Abba kyari blocks 12 petitions to president


*Presidency officers share in loot


ABUJA-President Buhari Corruption war is at its end stage if the reported
loots of several billions of naira and dollars by the Director General
of the State Security Services (DSS) is allowed to die a natural death
like others involving men in Buhari’s government.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the looting going on in the
Directorate of state Security  is Far well above those for which the
DSS was said to have raided the home of serving judges and made a
press trial without any concrete bribe taking evidences other than
cash discovery in a disgraceful sting operation that has never
happened anywhere in the world.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that part of the Sambo Dasuki’s
so called arms loot  for which the Buhari government has kept Dasuki
in detention against all known court judgments was also in the custody
of DSS boss Duara as the ex DSS Dg was said to have gotten over 30
million Dollars from the Dasuki Sambo for Security and arms
procurement for which Ekpenyong was said to have spent close to nine
million dollars and handed over 21 million dollars to the Present DSS
boss who within weeks of ascension to power run riot with the said
fund and converted almost all the 21 billion dollars to his private
use using proxies and others to loot launder the money.

The DSS boss who is said to be about sixty four years old with over
sixty seven children is said not to be a stranger to looting as he was
also one time almost sacked for looting several millions when he was a
director with the Security services in Imo state but for the Dg DSS
then who was his personal friend.

The DSS boss apart form the arms money is said to have also looted the
1.6 billion naira DSS insurance fund and looted several billions of
naira carrying out renovations which was done only in papers in the
several DSS houses in Abuja, Kaduna and others places.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that over 14 petitions from
serving officers of the DSS had been sent to the President and the
Vice President on the looting galore of the DSS boss but in all cases
the Chief of Staff to the President is said to have blocked all the
Petitions from getting to the president.

Daily Watch can also confirm that most of those who blew the whistle
via the petitions had been laid of the services as their petitions and
names were shockingly sent back to the DSS Director by the Chief of
Staff to the President Abba Kyari who is said to be not just a
beneficiary of the DSS loots but a key figure with the DSS Boss in the
Cabals that runs the Presidency.

Daily Watch
can confirm that a high ranking officer Adebayo Babalola
who wrote several petitions with enough evidences to the president,
vice president and the several anti corruption bodies is  mow almost
having problem with his job and his life from the hands of the DSS

While the EFCC  was said to have raided Ekpenyong home over some of
the funds the real target was the DSS boss who the EFCC wants  to
also arrest for the several billions he had looted from the DSS covers
through divers means to which the EFCC led by Magu has enough evidence

It was with this knowledge in mind that necessitated the stoppage by
men of the DSS with orders to kill from the DSS boss that warranted
the stopping of the arrest of the Ex DSS boss and the NIIA boss since
their arrest would have paved way for the arrest of the present DSS
boss for grand looting.

How far the EFCC led by Magu would go in the pursuit of justice for
the severe looting the DSS had gone and still going through in the
hands of Duara a pathological looter would be known in the days ahead
as pressure from the Chief of staff to the President is been mounted
on the EFCC to stop the arrest and investigations of the DSS Boss with
the promise to push for his confirmation as a substantive boss of the
EFCC that had been blocked twice by the DSS letters.

If and when it is heard that the EFCC stopped its drive to get the DSS
ex and present then know it that the anti-graft body has accepted the
plea bargain of the chief of staff and the cabal to drop the file for
his eventual clearance to become the confirmed boss of the EFCC

Attempts to speak to the DSS director was not possible but insiders in
the EFCC confirmed the Daily Watch stories as factual same also for
the spokesman of the EFCC  who told Daily Watch that truly the EFCC
have series of evidences against the DSS boss that he must be brought
in to clear up.


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