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How Buhari Appoints Thieves to Higher Offices




*Salem Gambo 2Billion naira loot trial stopped, moved to higher office.

*Another made commissioner of special Fraud Unit after indictment

ABUJA- What many Nigerians are not aware is that the case of Pension Thief Abduserlahami Maina is not the first where corrupt persons were moved from one thieving office to a higher one in the Buhari administration.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the many cases abound in this administration of President Muhammadu Buhari where thieves are moved from one office where they were indicted and set for trial to another higher one.

Take the case of the ex-chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes commission Ibrahim Lamorde who is also a brother and friend to the chief of  Staff to the President was indicted by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for looting and fraud and even stealing of funds belonging to the EFCC but rather than been sacked and placed on trial  as asked by the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  He has today at the courtesy of the  Buhari Government has  not only being rewarded but elevated to  the position of  not just a commissioner but one  in charge of (SFU) the highest crime investigating body before the Coming of EFCC and ICPC.Ibrahim Larmode is now   the Commissioner of Police in charge of Special Fraud Unit in Ikoyi Nigeria by so making an indicted and  corrupt thief to be in charge of looking and handling cases  as commissioner in the Special Anti-Fraud unit Ikoye.

Another was the case of one  Alhaji Ahmed Gambo, one time  Registrar of the Supreme Court who was accused ,investigated and removed for looting over two billion naira and recommended for trial, shockingly the same Ahmed Saleh  whose case was stopped and withdrawn halfway till date has now been elevated and moved to a higher position which  for no reason and the thieving Saleh Gambo  like in all  other posted to a higher position this time as  the Secretary of the National Judicial Council of Nigeria and also made the   secretary of a  committee on corruption known as the Corruption and Financial Cases Monitoring  Committee headed by retired Justice Isa Ayo Salami

What many Nigerians are asking is how come an administration fighting corruption so good at moving corrupt associates and Northerners who are thieves that have been indicted  and some even on trial for  corruption from a lower cadre like in the casa of  Gambo Saleh, Lamorde, Maina and many more  to a higher positions.

Attempt so speak to the EFCC and the President media team on this strange games was not possible as at the time of going to press.




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