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How Buhari appoints career failure as new NIIA DG






      *Drops names of several qualified Southerners


Rufai Abubakar

ABUJA-That the Buhari administration is a government that is ready to accept mediocrity so far it serves the purpose of making his hard core Fulanis earn all positions in the country seem a fact after all if the recent appointment of the new NIIA Dg is taken into consideration.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja Confirmed that the new Director General of the NIIA is not qualified to man the post for which president Mohammad Buhari on advice of the Presidential Cabal gave him.

According to Daily watch investigations, the new DG is far  below to occupy such position as a DG having failed four times his career Examinations and subsequently pushed via his tribal allegiances to become Senior Special Assistant on Foreign affairs from when Buhari Cabal pushed him again to the Position of the NIIA substantive DG’

The new Dg who is said to be far below several mates of his that has gone ahead as a result of passing through diverse examinations is said to have been picked from down the ladder to head those from the South West and South South who are far far above the new helmsman in qualifications and promotions thereby creating bad blood in the system.

Already the man administrative incompetence is said to be affect in the NIIA as less than two days after assumption of office he is said to have singlehandedly in connivance with some persons in the Presidency looted over 44 billion dollars in the coffers of the NIIA.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that already the National Assembly as usual is investigating the new expose of the DG failing his career examinations four times and the disappearance in funny circumstances of 44 billion dollar from the NIIA coffers two days of resumption of the unqualified DG.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with Rufai Abubakar the DG in the storm was rebuffed by him with untoward insults just as test to Senator Misau Bauchi Central one of the most outspoken and open minded Senators from the North  who is said to know the said DG well confirmed the  NA investigations and also confirmed the failure story of the new NIIA boss said to have been foisted on Nigeria by a cabal in the Presidency for a secret purpose.




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