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Buhari and his media team think we Nigerians are with Cow brains by twisting story of Plateau genocide- Maxwell Udoh

Muhammadu Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

*A day after killings he the President told us (the same as Danlade Ciroma did)that the killings were as a result of 300 cows rustled and some Fulanis killed by the Beroms.

*Today, the same President Media team like Miyitti Alah members are saying it is Corrupt Politicians Sponsoring the killings

‘’Is it not funny that the President and MACBAN leaders are always giving the same points,reasons,answers to questions of Killings be it in Benue,Nassarawa,Taraba,Zamfara and now Plateau?how come almost same day Buhari media team issues the story of Corrupt people sponsoring killings,the MACBEN leaders are saying the same thing less than 24 hours after, several of the same MACBAN

leaders in live Television vows that Nigeria would know no peace except Fulanis are accommodated with Ranches in other peoples land,when other MACBAN leader openly claimed all Lands in Nigeria belongs to the Fulanis as such anyone who opposes Ranching would not see peace.Yet this same persons are not arrested or seen as Sponsors but corrupt Politicians.The whole deceit,lies,cunning of this administration and their Media team is so glaring that even a three year old can see through their game plans,support for the herdsmen and plot to use their so called Ranch to create a Fulani Colony in every Part of the Country’’.

This was the acidic response of the Niger Delta  Militant and Leader of the New Bakassi Strike Force (NBSF)  Maxwell Udoh to the statement by Buhari Media Team and MACBAN leaders to the effect that corrupt Politicians are the Sponsors of the Killings in Plateau and the Country at large.

The erudite Militant leader describe the administration as peopled by liars  like the President who seem himself confused with even his lies.severally he claimed its he Libyans fault and other time very funny excuses to the killings of human beings

In the words of the Militant leader “’This President lies with passion,imagine telling Nigerians that the Libyans are the cause of the killings and in the same breath he claims it has to do with blockade of grazing route and yet at a different time, it is mere criminal gang and even at another it is the grazing laws in Benue state even when this law is not in Zanfara,Enugu,Delta,Kaduna and even Plateau it suits him to lie with it.Today,its now Corrupt Politicians.Maybe the president and his team thinks we are  as dumb as they are to keep twisting facts when even the MACBAN leaders are still issuing threats to the nation, he sees nothing wrong with it as all he keeps seeing is corrupt Politicians which if looked critically are much more in his government than any other in the history of Nigeria’’.

The Militant leader  took a swipe at many Nigerian leaders who are keeping mute over this well crafted and plotted Genocide going on as  he claimed the lord God  would rotate it to them and their families for them to feel what the People of the Middle Belt are going through in the hands of theses heartless beast.

According to him “’Those leaders keeping mute over the none stop Genocide in the middle belt god willing would soon be visited by these beast in human skin and then they too would learn to speak out against all evil even when it is not yet in your house because  evil is evil  ,they should realize that these beastly herdsmen have no friends as all they want is land,land and land and would do every thing to spread their colony all over the Country,they should know that theses beastly killers , Fulani herdsmen have no friends or hold allegiance to none other than themselves (Tribes) and their cattle.soon and very soon,wha goes around would come around and their silence  over evil would not be golden then’’.

Maxwell Udoh blames the Middle be;t leaders ad Governors for failing to accede to his advice of forming a well trained Civilian JTF to protect them and their land as that is the only remedy to taming the land grabbing beast masquerading as herdsmen or criminal gang.

In his Words ‘’Until middle belt leaders think out of the box and set up their own Civilian JTF to battle theses Blood thirsty killers called herdsmen condone by the Nigeria state then they would all die as these beast would not and never stop as they are under great government Protection, if not how can Miyiti members not only brag about their killings for missing cows and go un arrested?how can the same group come on National Television to threaten Nigerians about Ranching if its not a Fulani agenda?How come the President response tallies with that issued almost same time if the MACBAN leader on reasons for the killings?Why is the President always calling these one sided genocide a Farmers/Herders class when it is simply genocide?.It is when you ask yourself theses questions that you would understand the place we all presently stand in this country called Nigeria’’




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