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Buhari again rewards another ‘thief’ Abdulrasheed Na’Allah with a higher job

Abdulrasheed Na’Allah

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

As usual with President Mohammadu Buhari the self acclaimed anti corruption czar in Nigeria has again nailed his anti corruption credentials by appointing an indicted looter as the new Vice Chancellor of the University of Abuja months even before his tenure in another University ends thereby giving him the prerogative of been VC’s of two University at same time a new record in the history of Nigeria.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that  Abdulrasheed Isa Allah who seats on top the position of VC of the University of Abuja is a serial looter had was serious indicted few years back by the  Visitation Panel set up by the ex Governor of Kwara state during the period he reigns over the Kwara state University as the VC and from whence he go appointed to his new position as the VC of the University of Abuja  and eventual resumption months before his tenure ended in Kwara state University this July.

Daily Watch findings has it that the now Ex VC of Kwara state University and Present VC of the University of Abuja was indicted massively by the Visitation panel for diverse fraud in the administration of the Kwara State University running into several Billions and already set for prosecution by the EFCC before his new appointment and a solid  title of sainthood was bestowed on him with a caution  to the EFCC to keep afar as usual with all thieves given the sainthood acronym by the Buhari’s administration through the office of the chief of staff to the President  headed by Abba Kyari.

Daily Watch findings as it that the Present VC of the University was indicted for  fraud running far above 60 billion in the years he superintend over the Kwara State University by the Visitation Panel set up by the Ex-Governor of Kwara state.

Daily watch reached out to the ASUU chairman and coordinator Professor Omole Deji and Dr. Ade Adejumo from the Ibadan Zone under which Kwara University falls under and both confirmed the story of a massive indictment of Abdulrasheed Na Allah by a visitation panel set up by the Ex -Governor of Kwara state and also shocked by his elevation instead of trial in spite of the huge albatross hanging on his head by the same Buhari government that prides itself as an anti corruption fighter.

Daily Watch strenuous attempts to confirm from the President Media team on why it is always common for  a self acclaimed anti corruption  fighter in the person of President  Mohammadu Buhari to  always appoint thieves, indicted men  and those with tar all over them to higher and even more sensitive positions in his government but met a brick wall.




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