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Buhari 800 meters treking: Buhari deceiving Nigerians, a man just out from UK hospital energy boosting-NAC Presidential candidate

Muhammadu Buhari

Presidential candidate of National Action Council ( NAC) Dr. Olapade Agoro has described President Muhammadu Buhari making a Nollywood show of fitness by the alleged 800 meters trek as a sign of healthy body. He said Nigerians are being fooled as Mr. President who just returned from a UK hospital on energy boosting is deceiving Nigerians.

Dr. Olapade made the clarification in a press statement. Said ‘‘Nigerians are some kind of selves fooling characters on just any matter of human needs and concerns hence an European media once tagged us the “happiest people on earth”.

‘‘Otherwise the rumble in the heads of those in the Nigerian Presidency hallucinating on President Muhammadu Buhari’s ability to walk 800 meters as his credibility and fitness to run for another 4 years term in the office of President of Nigeria come 2019.


‘‘Considering that Buhari has just arrived back Nigeria Sunday August 19 2018 from his so called holidays but what in fact was medical holiday where he obviously got medical check and tone up one would have been be shocked if despite millions of British Pounds incurred on that trip he could not walk 800 meters arriving back home three days later’’

‘‘What Nigerians are actually looking for in their President is his ability to confront mirage of problems facing the nation like insecurity at large as a result of recent killing of innocent 19 in a Maiduguri village, growing concern over debt sustainability, embarrassing drops of investment inflow to Nigeria now standing at $5.5 billion, loss of  Naira 195 billion to pipeline shut down, Gas unavailability to power generation informing loss of about 3721 MW just to mention a few. The 800 meter walk of Buhari must no doubt be euphoria walk to slaughter slab to kill the Ramadan ram purposely to celebrate the Salah.

‘‘Buhari and those surrounding him must be told the plain truth that Nigeria is fast sinking from heavy weight of lawlessness and management inefficiency than expected of the pride of Africa’’ he stated.



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