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Breaking; Govt Deploys Special Anti-Terror Joint Squad to S-East, S-South


PORT-HARCOURT-In what seem to be a well plotted and deliberate attempt to stifle all forms of dissent, opposition, secessionist and militancy in the South-East and South-South, the Federal Government and military high command has secretly commenced the deployment of highly trained and specialized military personnel into the South- South and South-East of Nigeria.

The deployment which sparked unusual tension among the top military hierarchy is said to have only the support of a few who are said to be surprised on how the Military top Brass opt to file out the best trained in the military against an IPOB group who are unarmed and leaving the seriously dangerous Boko Haram and the Omni present and the highly armed Fulani Headsmen free and loose to go about their killing spree and distractions.

Already, there is said to be serious discontent in the military over the shift of priority from the Boko Haram and Fulani destructive adventures which the government seem to be handling with kid gloves while priority is on the lesser and least dangerous  IPOB and Niger Delta Militants .


How the whole scenery plays out in the highly divided Military would be known in the days ahead when the deployed and trained squared start executing the dangerous but clearly spelt out mandate spelt out
to them   in the weeks and months ahead.


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