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Breaking: DSS finally discards Maxim X squad



*Selected members posted, scattered to different states

*New helmsman returning Spy Unit to the original mandate for which it was set up


The Dss under a new and apolitical leadership has finally secretly disbanded the Maxim X Squad formed within the Dss by the Ex –DG Lawal Duara and purposely used for the dirty job of the DG and members of the Cabal in the Presidency.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the new DG is set to taking the DSS from its partisan and very selfish disposition that it was turned into back to its former major task of Nigeria first.

According to Daily Watch Sources in the $th floor, the new helmsman has totally reorganized the DSS bringing back those who were  much more trained for very specific task but discarded by the Ex DG for reason best known to him.

Daily Watch findings also confirmed that Several top and hardworking Spy officers suspended and sacked by the Ex-DG for no other reason thab refusing to accede to task ad duty that are far from what the DSS is supposed t be involved in are set to be called back as a special in house committee has been set up to look into the cases of all those suspended,punished,demoted and discarded during the notorious era of Lawal Duara.

Daily Watch investigations also confirmed that the former DG boys popularly called the Maxim X team who are used for several sen-ester and dirty jobs and several other Political games by the ex DG has been totally dismantled and each of the group dispatched to different locations and states to put an end to the reign of the dastard group which does all dirty acts and orders of the then DG without questions even when it contravenes their mandate.

Daily watch findings confirmed that they is a new lease of life in the DSS as every staff seemed happy and that lost unity,divisiveness and mutual distrust and suspicion which was totally lost in the era of the Ex-DG by virtue of his operational style and conduct seemed to be returning to the esteemed Security Unit.

Attempts by Daily Watch to confirm the disbandment and dismantling of the dreaded Maxim X squared which involvement in almost all the political arrest,frame up,dirty testimonies and hunting of  perceived political opponents was not possible despite several attempts to the fourth floor where the new helmsman in the block is domiciled


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