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Breaking: Army arrests rampaging sea-pirate kingpin Kareowei, 27 years old of Toru-Ndoro community


Sea-pirtate Kingpin, Karewei lured to walked into Army den

BOMADI- Nigerian Army has arrested the sea-pirate kingpin, Kareowei  27 years old from Toru-Ndoro community in Ekeremor LGA of Bayelsa state. A top security officer confided on Daily Watch through a phone conversation, said the Karewei was deceived into the military net through entreaty to give him a soft-landings which made him voluntarily walked into the military base in Ogbobagbene  community in company of few Ijaw leaders in Burutu LGA of Delta State, a military source told Daily Watch. The military described the strategy as ‘‘Deceive and punch style’’


The wanted sea-pirate leader from Toru-Ndoro community who caused the invading of Toru-Ndoro community in Ekeremor local government area Bayelsa state by Nigerian Army. Events led to the invasion of Toru-Ndoro was largely due to the last primitive action which Kareowei took by beheading a Nigerian security agents and abduction of an Ijaw ex-militant leader from Ogulagha town in Burutu LGA, of Delta State, General Bonigawei.

General Bonigawei who is a member of the Delta waterways security team and special adviser to the Delta State Governor Okowa on security matters was said to have been sent by the Delta State government to negotiate with the arrested sea-pirate leader to give a him a soft landing; thereby removing him amd his boys from the creek. But on the fateful of the peace mission, General Bonigawei and other military men who led Warri to Ekeremor and made a stop-over to drop all the security men and jumped with the baot to Toru-Ndoro to meet with the said Karewei.

Ex-militant leader, Gen. Bonigawei, still held hostage

Sources told Daily Watch from the area narrated that the meeting which ended peacefully. But Karewei was told the intention of the visit led by General Bonigawei that it was a  ploy to deceive him to be arrested by the security agents.

Suddenly, the mood of Karewei changed and told them that they would not return to Delta government house alive. He brought out revolver pistol from his body and shot and the security personnel, killed him and beheaded him in company of his bad boys before the watchful eyes of the people in Toru-Ndoro in broad day.

Sources said the Ijaw ex-militant General Bonigawei who led the peace mission was beaten up and abducted into a waiting engine boat and driven into the far creek.

Our sources said that the Karewei and his gang scared everybody by shooting AK 45 automatic riffles while dancing with the chopped off head of the security personnel round the community with chanting Ijaw of war songs. However, until the arrest of Karewi, the Ijaw ex-militant where-about is yet not known as the time of filing this report.

This development and other sins committed by Karewei and his gang, including the abduction of the four British citizens who were on missionary/philanthropic work in Nigeria Niger Delta in Enekoragha town. But before the release of the abducted foreigners, one of the was shot dead which threw entire Enekoraghan and neighbouring communities into a mourning mood due to the free medical services rendered by the foreigners without payment.

The Nigerian military being angered by the various atrocities of Karewei, expressed their anger on the innocent and peaceful Toru-Ndoro community and burnt down the ancient entire community with few persons reported to have been killed.


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