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Boro’s day : IYC scribe harps on Ijaw unity for progress

Ijaw youth adoring Major Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro statue in Kaiama

By Solomon Ebipade, Yenagoa


The Secretary  Ijaw youths council (IYC ) Western Zone Com. Doubra Collins Okotete has called on Ijaws to be united, saying that the gains and loses of late Major Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro’s struggle for resource control and development of the Niger Delta region would be maintained and sustained in present generation.

He said during Boro’s day celebration in Kaiama, Bayelsa state. He said ‘‘This  call is aimed at reawakening the spirit that dwells in the heart and soul of every Ijaw son and daughter.

‘‘Our hero Major Boro lives in us. As youths, we are the light of Ijaw nation and all Ijaw youths  be  united. We should put our ego and differences aside, hold strong and keep the ideals  and vision of Boro, the founding fathers upon which the Kaiama Declaration stand for. It is our duty as Ijaw youths to uphold, protect and keep alive the struggle for a more developed Ijaw nation’’ he said

.He charged Ijaw Youths, elders, Traditional rulers and politicians  in Ijaw nation in general to ‘‘retreat,  reflect on the gains and loses so far as we journey along in the quest for a more developed Ijaw nation’’.

Continuing, ‘‘Our political leaders must realize that they have a  major role to play in the development of Ijaw nation. Therefore, the basic amenities such as pipe-borne water, good health facilities, education, roads,infrastructure and  human capital development  should be made available and accessible to our people. With all our God given natural resources, Our people are still very poor and lacks the basic amenities of life.

‘‘Life expectancy has dropped due to the negative effect of gas flaring and pollution across all the oil rich Ijaw communities in Niger Delta. He further urges government  and giant oil multinationals to play by the rules by ensuring that our communities are safe for us to live in and encourages both government and oil companies operating within our region to ensure fulfillment of their cooperate social responsibilities as our communities are faced with serious oppression  and underdevelopment.

‘‘It is high time Ijaw leaders who are privileged to be blessed by God and those holding political offices, especially offices created to develop the ijaw and Niger delta region should invest in Ijaw youths and see the Ijaw nation as the reason for their placement. ‘’

He frowned at leaders who enjoy  the proceeds from Ijaw nation but turned their backs against activities that will better the lives of Ijaw people. Warning that  that ‘‘Ijaw Youths will soon visit them and if need be ensure their removal through any means necessary’’ he stated.




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