Borno Gov Kashim escapes death as Boko Haram attacks convoy

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram sects

*Boko Boys acting on very crucial information

The Executive Governor of Borno State Kashim Ibrahim escaped death earlier today as the Boko Haram Boys launch a decisive attack on the convoy of the governor on his way to  Gamboru-Ngala for normal political campaigns.

The Attack which hit several of the vehicles on the governor convoy with some deaths not certain for now would have been more deadly but for the timing of the Boko Hara boys which was not accurate.

Daily watch Sources Confirmed that some death and injuries were recorded in the shocking attack which if not for divine intervention would have left the executive governor of the state dead by now.

Sources in Borno confirmed that the Boko Haram boys seemed to be working of very logical information on the movement of the governor’s convoy from their own intelligence network and just missed the governor vehicle by some few 2nds.

Daily Watch attempts to ge response from the governor media tram ad the Military on the casualty figures or the attack was not possible as calls to the Military  new  Public Relation  officer was not answered just as same to the Nigerian Police didn’t receive any positive response as they claimed to be unaware of any such attack on the governor or his convoy in the state today.


Waterloo for Bello, Buhari as Kogi East/Bassa  Elders Endorsed PDP In all elections

With few days to the elections signs out of kogi state seemed totally bleak for Governor Yahaya Bello and Mohammadu Buhari, the APC governorship and Presidential Candidate as the Igalla Nation/Bassa which is the majority in the state has openly come out to endorsed the candidates of the PDP in all elections in Kogi state.

The  endorsement which came just this afternoon is signed by Senator Doctor Ahmadu Ali Chairman and Alphonsus Alhassan General Secretary warning the people of Igalla and Bassa on behalf of Elders of the Igalla to stick to all PDP Candidates as any vote for Buhari and Yahaya Bello is a vote against the progress of the Igallas in general as it would not bring any good to the people of Igalla.

The Elders in a state today resolved that they have decided to align with Atiku Abubakar and all PDP candidates in all elective positions in the state.

The Elders Council also insisted and stated that all elections from the Presidential to the last elections must follow the same patter as in voting all way for the PDP so that the future of their people should not be mortgaged or shortchanged.

According to the Elders “We are worried by the unpleasant happenings in Kogi state within the past four years which are precursors to more inglorious experiences. Thus Kogi state Igallas   has decided to take its political destiny in is own hands” they assured.




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