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Introduction: The Novel what a tradition a fiction written in prose painted a Picture of African ancient societies before and after the arrival of Christianity. Originally, every African society have their different cultures and traditions that influences the way the people think, relate with their Environment and themselves, even though the culture and the traditions were not written down in any documents in form of dairy or constitution, but they are transmitted from generation to generations, children are born into culture and traditions later grow up to become the custodians of the culture and tradition that was orally communicate to them.

Some of these cultures and traditions witnessed great challenge when the practice of the Christian Faith gradually encroached into the African societies. Some areas of the traditional practice negated the practice of the Christian Faith, Likewise, some areas of the Christian Practice negate the ethics of the tradition believes of the people.

Christianity even in the Present day African societies, in some cases, several areas of some culture and traditions are been overwhelm by the Christian believe and Practice, this often happened in the cities where civilization seems to be heavily Present but in the Village there is a little different because the village people still consider custom and tradition as their inheritance and as such they always consider its violation as a treats to their life and Person.

In this Novel (What a Tradition) The Characters are all imaginary being as well as the setting and location but they all represent a typical African Society and the people’s regards and passion for the Practice of their Custom and traditions, as well as their attitude, rejection and acceptance of the arrival of Christianity into their communities.

Edema went back to the village after spending Several years in the city, he attributed all his misfortune in the city to his non adherence Strictly to the ethics and Practice of his custom and traditions hence he went back home to align himself with the noble Custom and traditions of his ancestral land.

A day after his arrival, he lost his only brother, (Akoma) and he was told that the ancestors killed him due to the fact that he went to a funeral Ceremony and get himself involved in some burial rites when he had not done his father funeral rites, The trauma of Akoma’s death brought another tragedy, “Temisan” the only daughter of Akoma when she saw her father on the floor, she screamed and hited her head on a door frame and collapse on the floor, the incident led to her complete lost of memory. However the campaign of modern civilization brought another perspective to the traditional claim of the people concerning the cause of Akoma’s death as some missionary doctors sent into the community to carry out free medical treatments to the inhabitants of the village Proved that Akoma actually died of Chronic Malaria Parasite due to lack of Proper treatment. The discovering of the medical doctors Contracticted the saying of the village Chief Priest who claimed that Akoma died due to the fact that the ancestors angrily hited his head with Sledge hammer because he undermined traditional Protocols.

The contradiction between the claim of the village chief Priest and the medical doctors created a major conflict. The Medical doctors realized that ignorance is a major disease that needed urgent attention hence they took advantage of treating Temisan to introduce Christianity to her, she eventually recovered completely and become a Christian. Later the exploit of her faith became a terrible treat to the sacred tradition of Akama Village. It was a great fight between Christianity and the Tradition of the land, the people challenged and resisted her with their whole life and everything Within them, because they Considered her actions as a treat to their Sacred and infallible tradition of the land.

While the Struggle was on she got Married to one of her Christian brothers, (Tseye) who also hails from the same community in the mist of the conflict her husband died. And the tradition demands that if a man died his younger or elder brother shall inherit his wife. Temisan husband was the younger brother of the village chief Priest (Ariyor) the Tradition mandated Ariyor the chief priest to inherit Ternisan as his wife, and if that happens she will have no choice than to move to Ariyors house in the shrine arena, Temisan sworn that over her dead body will she obey the tradition of men, and Ariyor the chief priest went to the Shrine and invoked all ancestors, deities, Spirits and powers from all part of the earth to enforce the tradition on Temisan, the entire community was on rampage, tangible Signs were visible proving that the gods are all ready for battle.

How will this battle end? Became the question that brought anxiety to the entire community.


About the Book (Summary): The tradition in Akana Village was so sacred and infallible, the inhabitants valued it with great passion and alacrity.

The arrival of Christianity brought great challenge to the sacred tradition of the land. The tradition demands that if a man dies, the younger or elder brother shall inherit his wife.

“Temisan” a deaconess in a church lost her husband (Tseye) and “Ariyo” the village chief priest who was Tseye’s Elder Brother was mandated by tradition to inherit Temisan as his wife.

How can a deaconess in a church get married to the village chief priest in the shrine, became a terrible question that brought great anxiety to the entire community.

Temisan: over my dead body will I obey the tradition of men.

Ariyo: Tradition of men you call it? In the next seven days, we shall know if you have the capacity of defy the sacred tradition of our land.

How will this battle end? Became the question that brought anxiety to the entire community.

About the Author: UGHARA OTI GABRIEL, aka GABY D POET is a poetic writer and a stage presenter, who hails from Bateren community in Warri South/West Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria. He acquired his primary and secondary education in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, and proceed to the University of Benin in Edo State, Nigeria, to acquire his degree in international studies and Diplomacy where he wrote this book, as an undergraduate in 2010.

Dedication: The book is dedicated to God Almighty and to Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Ewetan Uduaghan the Executive Governor of Delta State (2007-2016) who through his brave courage and vision became a history maker in Iwere Kingdom, his unimaginable achievement is a motivation to young minds.





Also, to those who believed in their dreams and the potential God had placed on them, irrespective of their background or circumstances that surround them. Who said you cannot achieve your dream? That is not true.

Book Launch: The official book launch of “What a tradition” took place at BON DELTA HOTEL NPA Expressway, Before Chevron Yard, Warri-Delta State on Saturday, 10th November, 2018. With HRM Ogiame Ikenwoli the Olu of Warri as the Royal Father of the Day, Chief Ayiri Emami, The Ologbostere of Warri Kingdom as the Chairman of the Occasion while His Excellency Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan the Immediate Past Governor of Delta State and APC 2019 Senatorial Candidate as the Chief Launcher.



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