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Book: Egbesu Revival by Ellington Bakumor

Book cover: Egbesu Revival by Ellington Bakumor

By Cletus Opukeme ( Reviewer)

Egbesu Revival is a  metaphysical pamphlet in 56 pages and 16 collection of articles written in plain English. It captures the Egbesu deity which has a supreme power over the universe as the central God of the Ijaw people. That same Egbesu to the Jews is the same as the Yahweh (God). Other tribes called God in different languages.

To the Ijaws, the Woyin or Teme-Ara is the Mother creatress of the Universe. In Ijaw mythology, they identify God as a woman who dwells in the sea that connects spiritual energy with the Ijaws through sacrifice, incantation, libation, singing and dancing during festivals. That Woyin (Egbesu) controls the heavens and earth.


That Egbesu worship or Oru’kare in Ijaw is not demonic or fetish as the former slave masters wrote in their Bible. He describes it a lie intended to blackmail the African Traditional Religion(ATR) to make their religion superior to other religions.

The scholar reveals in his book that ‘Egbesu’ is not Ijaw God of war only. That Egbesu is ‘ Ogonogbolo kirigbolo, means, owner of heavens and earth ( Alpha and Omega) Omnipresence, omnipotent and Omniscience. That Egbesu is also the God of peace, anger, thunder, forgiveness, fruitfulness, prosperity or abundance, healing, mysteries and above all oversees the universe.

According to the author, the African traditional Religion (ATR) suffers largely due to no proper documentation as how African God mysteriously revealed itself to Africans in times of dangers and in need unlike the other religions which incidences were documented.

Cletus Opukeme, Publisher of Daily Watch.


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