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Bombshell: Okowa Has Failed Deltans; APC must Kick him out Comes 2019- Senator Omo-Agege



Senator Omo-Agege


Warri- Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has accused governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa of financial mismanagement accruing to the state from the monthly revenue federal allocations for his personal use.

Speaking with journalists in Orogun, his country home shortly after he distributed some items worth millions of nairas to various beneficiaries in his constituency office in Ughelli town,  said ” Governor Okowa  Ifeanyi Arthur  has failed people of  Deltan state. He (Okowa) has mismanaged funds entrusted on him from monthly federal allocation.  APC will pursue Okowa out of office in 2019 with a credible and God fearing Deltan who will correct the abnormalities created by Okowa in the state.”

He said  people of Delta State should ask Okowa how he spent the billions of nairas of monthly allocation from federal allocation.  He noted that there is hunger in the state has Okowa administration has left pain and agony to civil servants, especially pensioners who are dying out of frustration caused by the PDP led administration in the state.

According to Ovie Omo-Agege, Okowa has ran DESOPADEC dry by hijacking the 13% derivation funds out  of the 50% derivation for the state which once made  viable institution in the state from functioning properly.

His words ‘‘Where is DESOPADFEC 13% out the  50% monthly derivation for the agency as approved by law? Nothing is happening in the state has Okowa has ran the once viable institution dry and nobody hears DESOPADEC in the state any more.  Okowa hs not been utilizing the funds that are coming to DESOPADEC. There is acute hunger in the state has the administration of Okowa cannot pay civil servants, especially pensioners as at when due. They are suffering and dying out of frustration and agony. APC will come to rescue Deltans in 2019 with a tested, proven and credible person to correct the wrongs done by PDP led administration in the state. ’’

The vibrant APC Senator who is representing the Delta central constituency in the senate when asked his position in the on-going debate of restructuring. He said he supports a holistic restructuring in the country where by each region is given autonomy to supervise and control resources in each region and pays percentage to the central unit.

But disagreed on creation of state police in his region. According to his argument, state police would be used by few influential persons against the less weak in the society as it is already experienced in various existing vigilante units in the country.

Senator Omo-Agege has also said that the World Bank President has wrongly quoted the statement of President Muhammadu Buhari which according to the media reports has directed the World Bank to focus development only on the northern Nigeria. He said he has been privileged to meet with Mr. President which Mr President had denied the statement credited to him by the world bank President. He noted that Mr. President only urged the world bank to focus development in the North East, Boko Haram strong hold which fight has caused colossal damage in the region that needs rebuilding.  He said has personally visited the North East and that the demand of Mr. President is not out of place.

Senator Omo-Agege in his benevolent spirit has given out the empowerment items to both youths and women as part of his empowerment programme. They are 12 tricycles popularly called (Keke) 8 Chewing machines, 6 big generators and few block moulding machines to various beneficiaries.

He tasked the beneficiaries to put good use of the materials for their own good. He promised that the gift items would come in seasons and that those who have not benefited should exercise patience and calm and that the empowerment programme would go gradually all the communities in the Delta central constituency.

He thanked the people of Delta central and members of his great party APC for given him the opportunity to serve in a highly  placed hallow chambers of the senate in the federal government of Nigeria. He pledged to always put the interest of the people first by raising motions and sponsoring bills for the good and benefit of all Nigerians.

On Senator Omo-Agege two years stay assessment in the senate, he has sponsored ten notable bills passed by both chambers and are on the table of Mr. Present to assent into law while others are passed and transmitted to state Houses for their concurrence.

Most notable ones are a bill for an act to prohibit sexual Harassment in Educational institutions prohibition bill and matters connected therewith, 2016-passed by the senate and now in the house for concurrence. A bill for an act to establish the federal University of Petroleum Resources (FURPRE), Effurun and matters connected thereto 2016 passed by both chambers and now with Mr. President for assent, Electoral Act N0.6,2010 passed by the senate and now in the House for concurrence and among others.



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