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Boko Haram on the March, cleared three Military bases in one swoop

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram sects

*Death tolls  very high as Military boys flee in several directions.

By Isa Yusuf

This doesn’t seem to be the best of time for the Nigeria Military as the technically defeated Boko Haram sect seemed   to be having a upper hand in the battle with the sect following their over running of three Military Bases in one full swoop.

Daily watch Sources in Bornu confirmed that that the Boko Boys who rode in gun cars and other sophisticated weapons    took over the Marte Military Base killing several Military officers in a serious battle that saw th Nigeria troops fleeing in diverse direction when the fire power of the Boko boys overwhelm them after the which the Boko Haram boys took control of the base and initiated a massive carting away of weaponry and other machineries found in the base.

The same sect also hit at another Military Base  around Krenowa Village where the same scenario played out and the Nigerian Military boys running in all direction following the superior fire power of the Boko boys and the death toll on the part of the Military after which the Boko Boys empty the vase of all military head gears in the Krenowa Military base as well.

Also hit was the Military Base in Dikwa making it three Military Base attacked by the Boko Haram sect between Saturday and Sunday taking great tolls on the Military with unidentifiable Military personnel included a commander missing   and suspected dead from the attack that eye witnessed confirm resulted in very high death rate on the part of the Military before the Military boys started running for their lives    with a very high amount of guns, ammunition, cars Military gun ,cars all carted away by the sect who took over the town of Marte in Marte Local Government area of Bornu state after sending the Nigeria  Military away  running for their lives in diverse direction.

Daily watch sources confirmed that the death rate was so high in the attack  on the three base with no civilian casualties as the Boko Boys were said to be more precise in their attack o the Military alone and leaving the Civilians out of their grand massacre.

Daily watch desperate attempts to reach out to the Military high command in situation LIKE THIS to state their own part of the story or confirm the story was not possible as everyone chooses as usual to remain mute even in the clear massacre of the Nigeria Military officers in a grand way by the Boko Haram.





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