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Boko Haram in total control of over half of Borno state land mass

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram fighters

*As Govt, Military feed Nigerians with overwhelming lies about  the state of situation in Borno

By Ahmed Ahmadu & Yusuf Musa

With the massive, technically and much more aggressive attack by the Boko Haram, the sect is almost set to take over one of the states in Nigeria, Borno State precisely if the undisputed facts on ground in the centre of the battle in Borno state is anything to be  based or  work on despite the steady and consistent lies daily by the government and Nigerian military of total decimation of the sect and technically defeating it.


Daily watch independent investigations and foray into the centre of the War in Borno and talking with several citizens of the war thorn Borno confirmed that rather than the massive tales of the sect been annihilated and technically defeated the reverse seemed to be the case as the sect seed to be not just gaining momentum and ground but frantically working to take over fully Borno state from Nigeria government.

Daily watch Visit to Born for first hand information and details of the War in Borno confirmed that the Military ,like the Nigerian government have been economical with the state of the war and battle in the North East stae of Borno as both are partners in the act of deceit, lying and dishing Nigerians a whole lot of lies as to the extent, magnitude and state of the War in the North East with particular reference to Borno state where the Boko Haram sec seemed to be in total control of over half of the state unlike the tales of the Federal Government that the sect is not in control of any land mass in Nigeria.

Daily watch findings during the two day visit to Borno confirmed that close to eight out of ten Local government in Borno state has over ninety percent of Boko Haram presence and control  making the state almost now I the hands of the State Government, the Military or the Federal government.

Daily Watch spoke with some elders in the state who in almost tears confirmed the absence of the Military in almost all the towns and Villages in the Local government Areas with as much as Eight Local Government Areas almost totally under the administration of the Boko Haram group.

Daily watch finding confirmed that there seemed to be a Oath of silence and secrecy  and  an intention game and plot  not to speak out  by those in power, position  and authority in the state and Abuja on the monumental disaster that the fight in the state has reached as everyone of importance seemed to be mute, silent and afraid of God knows what to open up on the disgrace the Military and Nigeria is facing in the War in the North East with particular reference to Borno state which has become not just a death field of Thousands of young Military Officers but control and killing field for inhabitants of the locality where the sects control which is far above where the Governor and Government of Nigeria controls in Borno state.

An elder Alhaji Mohammed Daudu a resident of Chibok  spoken to at Chibok ( though not from Chibok) confirmed the takeover of most of the towns, villages by the Sect and the total freedom the sects has over most communities in the state where they drive to freely and interacts with the people and in a away rule over them with the Nigerian Military not seen or near such areas.

According to Daudu “most of the Towns and villages in this state are presently in the hands and control of the sects, a thing our leaders are afraid or not willing to speak openly about for reasons I still find hard to understand till today”.

Another elder by name Abdulrahim Abash spoken to confirmed the takeover of the state by the sect except from the State Capital and some very few towns as the Military has withdrawn far away from many towns and villages in what they   the Military told them is a strategic plot to form a bumper Base and leaving all villages and towns to the Sect.

In the words of Abdulrahim “Our leaders in Abuja and Borno seemed to have been cowed into silence as lies about the exploit of the Military are been churned out every day whereas on ground almost all the Local government in the state have fallen to te Boo Haram sects who are Presently ruling close to eight Local government Areas unlike the cheap lies been told in Abuja. Even when we draw the Military attention to the exploit and take over they keep telling us that they are strategizing and building a bumper Camp so as to be able to deal decisively with the Sect”.

This stance f most inhabitants of Borno state was also confirmed and reinforced just days ago at a recent sitting on the Security situation in the North East by House of Representative member Ahmadu Jaha APC representing Damboa/Gwazo/Chibok Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives where he also claimed openly that over eight of the Local Government areas of the state are now in the hands of the Boko Haram to a great extent confirming Daily Watch team independent Visit to ascertain the state of things in the war torn Borno state  rather than key in to churlish, deceitful and modeled lies from several Military and government  spokes persons and teams.


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