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Boko Haram in gale of massacre, killed lieutenant, thirty soldiers in one swoop

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram sects

*Military high command goes mute over massive killings by sect.

By Isa Yusuf

The Spate of Massacre of Military officers by men of the Boko Haram sect and over running of Military formations and bases rather than abetting seemed to be on a massive increase despite intermittent denial of the facts on ground by the Nigerian Military who in most cases gives feeble confirmations and other times lie blatantly on the rate of  casualties, carnage and death rates of such attacks.

Daily watch Sources and findings confirmed that just three weeks after over running of three Military Base and formations in the North Eastern State of Borno, the Sect has struck again this time giving a massive blow again to the Nigerian Military with the Killing of a Lieutenant who incidentally is the Base Commandant and over thirty Military Officers and carting away several hard wares, equipment and military headgear in what has become a re occurring decimal in the battle with the Insurgents.

The recent attack which occurred Thursday this week took place at  the military base in Kareto between the Boko sect ad men of the 153 Military Battalion stationed in the Kareto Military base in Borno state and at the end of the attack which the sect carried out around 4am  on Thursday with about 8 to 9 gun trucks the base was totally subdued with the base commandant a lieutenant and over thirty of his Military boys slaughtered like rams by the sect and several others fleeing in diverse direction to avoid instantaneous death in the hands of the marauding Boko Boys.

Daily Watch Sources in Kareto village confirmed that the Boko Boys who refused attacking any Civilians came in unannounced in the dawn of Thursday and carried out what could be described as a massacre on the Military Base stationed there ransacking and carting away everything they met at the base from food to weapons.

It would be recalled that two Weeks back the Sect has like in similar way over run three Military Bases carting away all the weapons in the three bases and Military formation massacring a huge number of Military officers to the bargain despite consistent denial and tales telling by the Military on the casualty figures.

Daily Watch as usual tried reaching out to the Military Spokesperson on the recent grand Massacre which is now becoming a re-occurring episode in the North Eastern part of Nigeria but silence was the word from the Military as usual.





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