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Binebai Vows to Make Burutu Great again, as Pondi Congratulates him as New BCYF President


BURUTU- The  newly sworn-in President, comrade Princewill Yerin Benibai has promised to bring to bear intellectual prowess to make Burutu great by telling the horror and agony of Burutu to the society to attract development. Also, the member representing the people of Burutu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Julius Pondi has congratulated the newly sworn-in President for his steadfast activism and doggedness.

Comrade  PrinceWill Yerin Binebai has thanked those who came to honour him during his inauguration. He said he will use legitimate means to draw the attention of those in authority to make Burutu great again.

Hon. Julius Pondi said that the he believed in the newly sworn-in President and assured him his support to move the community forward.  He also lauded the laudable projects of the immediate past President, Comrade Louis Ekemiafa who made a successful and peaceful transition.

In his words, “I do believe very strongly that you will deliver. I know you as a person and I know how you combine your work to transfer something.”

Pondi also challenged the Princewill Yerin Binebai led executive to protect the interest of the people and attract development to their land.

In his address, the newly inaugurated President, comrade Princewill Yerin Binebai whose executive will be piloting the affairs of BCYF in the next two years vowed that the Burutu Community Youth Forum under his command would have a “Zero tolerance for Social Vices of any kind”  stressing that the presence of the Security Outfits like the Police, Civil Defence,Vigilante as well as Community youths will be very visible throughout his tenure.
“We are going to establish a symbiotic relationship with all these aforementioned security outlets to ensure sustainable peace and stability in Burutu Community that all of us would be proud of.”

” Burutu Youth Forum under my leadership will be that voice for our liberation. We will no longer remain mute for our underdevelopment, we have to re-examine the basis of our political existence in the Local Government if 41years after Burutu being a headquarter can be so dejected and relegated to the pitiable State, we will have to make things work for the betterment of the community. We will shout and make critical appraisals where necessary.”

Other members of the newly sworn-in Burutu Community Youth Forum includes, Comr. Justice Obukoko,Vice President,Comr. Joseph Wurusibewei, Secretary General,Comr. Methodius Tubotu, Assistant Secretary, Mr. Livings Fianka, Treasurer,Mr. Ayama Oyinke -Public Relations Officer,Mark Christmas – Financial Secretary.




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