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Billion naira question: Is there a secret killer nest in the Nigerian Police working for Godswil Akpabio?

Is Senator Godswill Akpabio licensed to kill in Nigeria?

By Cletus Opukeme & Lucky Ojigbo( Editors)


*As frantic search, threats pervades Warri, family of Daily Watch Publisher

This seemed to be the confusing questions several persons in Warri, Delta state and Nigeria are now asking following the series of events that has and still taking place all over the country since the expose on the rot in the NDDC hits the media.

Daily Watch shocking findings confirmed that since the threat by some Ex Militants g and their threat to deal decisively with every and anyone who as much as criticize the Minister for the Niger Delta Ministry over his baggage of corruption in the NDDC events has never been the same for most persons, association and even media houses that are reporting and supporting the call for the probe of the NDDC.


First was the cruel murder in cold blood of the Spokes person of the Izanzan group, one of the most powerful group that had been in the forefront calling for the probe of the NDDC using very authentic and  shocking evidences from the Finance department of the NDDC.

Comrade Famous Believe Wonikiri-Ebi was gruesomely murdered by four assassins in his wife’s ship on the 18th May 2020 7:30pm shortly after leading protest against Akpabio of an alleged monumental fraud in NDDC as spokesman of Ijaw interest group (IIJ) code named Izanzan camp, an advocacy group made with young University graduates drawn from various Ijaw kingdom.

The young man who was gunned down by four fierce looking assassins in a commando styled operation  close to his wife’s store around Udu road area of Warri in Delta state in a killing that shockingly was described without any serious investigation by men of the Nigerian Police Force before telling the Press that the Killers were robbers until some visit to the scene by Daily Watch Publisher and other reporters blew the real gist that the Killers weren’t actually robbers as reported hurriedly by men of the Nigerian Police as reports from the scene confirmed that the killers actually positioned themselves for hours  close to the wife store waiting for the Spokes person whom they rushed to when he drove in and actually was in argument with them before the gun shot thereby pointing to the fact that the Killers were not exactly robbers but assassins who actually exchanged words with the spokes person before firing the killer shot without as much as collect any money or whatever of substance from him.

Police IG, Muhammed Adamu

Just when the dastard killing of the Izanzan Spokes person  who was in the forefront in the several Protest, press releases, paper presentation on the rot in the NNDC was still making the headlines in major papers another news of related kind hit the media world when a four man team claiming to be lice men from IGP Office in Abuja stormed the NUJ office in Warri claiming to be looking for one Cletus Opukeme the Editor/ Publisher of Daily watch Newspaper one of the major Media outlet that has been in the forefront in reporting with facts and documents the whole looting Saga in the NDDC and the hands of Gods will Akpabio in the centre of the looting saga.

The raid which resulted in the arrest of about five Journalists from the Nigerian Chapel of Journalist in Warri office   with the fully armed intruder asking after the Publisher of the Daily Watch whom they claimed they wanted dead or alive based on the directive from above.

Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hafiz Mohammed Inuwa protects human rights laws and protects journalists in the state

The Journalist who were later released after direct orders from the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Hafiz Inuwa, a senior policeman who had genuinely shown interest to protect the lives of journalists in the state had expressed worry of harrassment of journalists by policemen and other security agencies.

When the commissioner of police got the news of the raid of  journalists office in Warri and indiscriminate arrest, he angrily swung into action by giving a strongly worded directives to the Area commander to release the journalist and also warned that the Daily Watch Publisher who is in the center of the drama should be left aloe and said aggrieved person in the public should seek for redress in court without arresting or torturing the journalist.

The following day, the aggrieved journalists in solidarity with their incarcerated colleagues together with other Journalists from Asaba and Ugheli were said to have staged a protest to the office of the Area Command office in Warri asking four man squad to openly address the Journalists and state their mission but shockingly none showed up and the Area Commander in a shocking response  openly confirmed that the men had either disappeared or vanished prompting many to question the  answer given by Area  Commander  since if there is really a squad from the IG’s Office they must first be registered with the Police in Warri before carrying out their mission .

Daily watch investigations discovered the same four man Police squad or is it assassin team is still lurking around the NUJ office in Warri waiting patiently for their target who incidentally is the Publisher of Daily Watch, one of the papers in the forefront for accountability in the NDDC.

Daily watch shocking finding also confirmed that the same team of killers or is it IGP boys were said to have stormed the shop of the Publishers wife requesting from the Wife the where about of her husband after days of lurking around in Warri and begging with promises of huge sums to several persons and Journalist to give them direction to the abode of the Publisher who for fear of his life have left Warri for Abuja few days ago knowing that is phone lines were all bugged by the so called IGP team or Killers.

As if the hunt for the Daily Watch Publisher is not enough, the reported death mysteriously and in a controversial circumstances of the NDDC Acting Director of Finance Ibanga Bassey Etang few days after the attempt on the life of the Daily Watch Publisher leaves much to be desired as the Acting Director according to his close associates is said to be preparing to spill the beans as regards monetary issues, loot etc in the NDDC in the expected probe by the National Assembly.

The Controversial death of the Acting Director ,search for the Publisher of Daily Watch and the killing of the Spokesperson of the Izanzan group all points in one simple direction, an attempt by someone or some persons serious cut all protest and call for the probe of the NDDC if one is also to take into consideration the blackmail game that has commenced against the National Assembly probe team coupled with the recent threat by some Ex-Militants said to be threatening brimstone against every and anyone who dare protest, call or  speak up against the many financial looting and atrocities that  God swill Akpabio and his group of looters are doing in the NDDC after bee dully settled financially to issue such threats to which the Nigerian Police and the DSS till date have refused to act on.

The mysteriously and in a controversial circuof the NDDC Acting Director of Finance and administration death of Ibanga Bassey Etang is being linked to Senator Akpabio to frustrate the Senate probe

Daily Watch tried reaching out to the Warri Area Commander to actually ascertain if the ‘four-man gang’ roaming and roving all over Delta state with promise of financial gift to anyone, journalist inclusive that can give them a tip as to the were about of the Daily Watch Publisher and to ascertain if the four man team are really from IGP office Abuja and if they dropped their names with him before their mission to the NUJ Chapel as is the case generally but hit a brick wall as the Area commander became hostile to the call from our reporter.






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