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Big Shame: President Buhari tutored on questions for interview two weeks before interview

President Muhammad Buhari

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

*As Cabal cancelled those the president can not comprehend properperly after series of practiced and lecturing during rehearsals in the Villa..
That President Mohammadu Buhari is said not to be schooled enough to govern a complex country like Nigeria is no more news neither is it news that most decisions of governmrnt said to have emanated from the presidential Villa were actually crafted and dished out by the office of the private Secretary to the president in the person of Sabiu Idiabon inside the presidential Villa.
The news this time is that the recent interview of the predident on Cannels Telivision was simply a deceit in it’s entirety as the questions meant to be asked for the interviews was crafted and dispatched to the president some two to three weeks before the date of the interview for the Principal private Secretary to the President and other members of the Presidential cabal to read and school the president on how to answer the forwarded questions.
Daily watch investigations confirmed that the whole charade of questions been asked and the president giving answers in the forty minutes interview was only a repeat of what the president and his canal boys have practice, Corrected and repeated overr and over in the Presidential Villa before the actual interview.
Daily watch investigations also confirmed that over eight questions were cancelled and outrightly dropped from those sent to the Villa for practices before the day of the interview.
Daily watch findings confirmed that the eight questions dropped where those that the president cannot Master the answers to after two to three weeks of practices, teachings and rehasals and had to be yanked of the list of questions for the Channel boys to ask.
Daily watch findings had it that the president can not and will not face a direct interview without having a pre knowledge of the questions to ask because of the level of Education and his poor level of understanding coupled with his frail state of health medically.
Daily watch investigations has it that it is this lacuna academically that most of the Cabal members cash on to deceive the president to sign very many documents and decisions which he himself most times is unaware of,take the case of his ex driver deceiving the president to sign some contractual documents amounting to some billions of naira for which the said driver was arrested ,sacked and detained for some months last year.
Daily watch also had it on good authority that the recent list of judges (that has names of several serving and retired justices and judges children and siblings names who are unqualified) signed and approved by the president after rejecting same for lacking merit and extreme parochialism,unqualified names and favouritism passed through same way as those closed to the president were said to have re-presented the same list and names amongst documents to the president for signings which all times he normally does without been able to read through thereby creating confusion and unease in the country.
Daily watch findings had it that things are so bad in the Villa that several policy statements and decisions are actually not directly approved or signed knowingly by the president.
Daily watch attempts to speak with the Minister for information and the media aides to the president on why the presidency must demand the list of questions to be asked by journalist in an interview weeks before the supposed interview so as to practice and even cancelled technical and difficult ones was not possible as at press time just as text messages to lines of Garba Shehu was not answered as at the time of going to press



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