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Beware of Kwankwoso! Bigger Religious Bigot than Buhari


By James  Etebe

As 2019 draws near and all indices point to the possibility of President Mohammad Buhari not contesting the 2019 elections diverse
cabals have been running riot all over the country propping up diverse
candidates as potential materials and their  choice to replace
President Mohammad Buhari come 3019.

One of those in the forefront of a well-chronicled, orchestrated and
greatly funded  plot by a set of  retired generals  led by ex-
President Olusegun Obasanjo in this regard  is the person of the Ex-
governor of Kano state Senator Rabiu Kwankwoso who presently seats in
the senate representing the good people of Kano state in the hallowed
chamber of the National Assembly.’

While the Retired Generals seem to love Kwankwoso with extreme
passion as the best candidate to replace Buhari sounds as their basic
right after all. The hidden fact  remains that it is basically to
preserve not only their nefarious interests but  basically from the
economic  points of these  old   Generals a plausible man  who  would
not and never wreck the boat in terms of the great economic loots and
interest of the old brigade.

Kwankwoso, unknown to many in Nigeria is a thorough breed
religious bigot of a far higher level than the present President,
Muhammad Buhari, if his antecedents in the several years he served as a
governor in Kano state and  more recently as a senator of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria is anything and everything to go by.

Kwankwoso as a governor, was said to be one of the most performance
oriented governors in the North during the eight years of his ruler
ship and that no one can take away from him. But performance alone in a
state is not a criteria alone to make one to aspire or to be forced on
a people as developed as Nigerians are as their president since there
are several other important criteria that determine if a man fits the
shoe to become the president of a multi-linguistically developed
country like Nigeria.

Today, the Buhari Presidency among is major flaws are his
parochial tribalistic and religious  pursuit and appointments which has led the
country to be much more divisive among tribal and religious lines
than any other time in the history of Nigeria  fused with his present
seemly uncaring  attitudinal  and low status comments  about other
tribes and religion except for his Hausa Fulani and Muslim groups to
the detriment of merit, federal character and good governance  which
are the basic hallmarks of the Nigerian Constitution which has
desecrated without a single blink of the eyes.

Today, God in his wisdom seem to be getting Nigeria and Nigerians out
of  the clutches of this fearsome  religious apologist yet, a new and
more dangerous  tribal cum religious apologist is been propped up in
the person of Kwankwoso to take over.

A short exposition on the man kwankwoso would perhaps help Nigerians
to see over the façade the so called generals are plotting to sell to
Nigerians as a nationalist like they sold Buhari to us ’all  as a new
repentant democrat as against who he really is.

Nigerians and mostly the South-South people would recall the debate
over the petroleum Industry bill and the continual none passage of the
Bill over six to seven years since the bill hits the National Assembly
and the role Kwankwoso played to stall the passage with his famous
speech when he was a governor in which he caused any northern senator
who foolishly support the passage of the bill for the simple reason
that it would put more money in the hands of those who owned the oil
to the detriment of the North as a small percentage as included by the
former minister for petroleum as payments to the locale  where oil is
gotten from and it was that inauspicious speech and warning against
Northern Assembly members that eventually killed the passage of the
bill all through the Jonathan administration as Kwankwoso at every
forum took time to counsel those who care to listen that until the ten
percent of Profit tax given to the oil Producing locale is removed the
bill would never see the light of the day and that truly happened.

According to him ‘’Any true Northerner who foolishly for whatever
reasons endorsed the Petroleum industry bill that is in all intent and
purpose meant to give more money to the Niger Deltans in disguised as
against Our North through the back door must be seen and classified as
not only Anti North but a total sell out and as such stopped from
returning to the national assembly”

Then came the  Buhari administration with same kwankwoso as a
senator and again for the same reason and purpose rally all other
Northern members against the bill the several times it was up for
debate forcing supporters of the bill to break it into bits and by so
tend to remove the little gain meant for the oil producing locale

Take the case of Fulani headsmen, Kwankwoso in almost all speech is
said to have berated anyone and everyone who as much criticized  the
Fulani headsmen for their atrocities against Nigerians and the North

According to him “these so much vilified Fulani Headsmen are Nigerians
and are free to go anywhere and must as a matter of fact protect
themselves in whatever way against any aggression in course of their
grazing activities’” and like his notorious brother El-Rufai he was
quoted as saying “the Fulani’s are unique breed and if you attack or
kill one or their cows then certainly be prepaid to see an invasion
from  Fulani’s no matter how long-no apology to anyone”’.

Today, this same man is been presented by certain class of generals
that has run and ruined this country as the new messier that would
take Nigeria to the El Dorado.

How a more terrible and well  known religious and tribal bigot like
Kwankwoso would be made to drop his selfish, myopic and satanic
religious frame of mind for a nationalistic one is what seem to be
bugging this writer and  the question this writer wants Nigerians
generally to Ponder over is if Nigerians would allow themselves to be
fooled a second time, taking into consideration the wool  pulled over
their eyes prior to the2015 presidential Elections of an old General
who was Presented as a changed and a repentant democrat but today
Nigerians are now seeing and feeling his true colors

(James Etebe writes from Lagos)




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