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Between OSM, EPM, who  represents Edo interest?

Godwin Obaseki


By Oriaifoh Godwins, Benin

As Edo polity gradually builds up towards the 2020 gubernatorial
election, as expected, groups, movements and different organizations
have started springing up, all in a bid to support their interests, and ensure that their aims are achieved at the end of the day.
For instance, as at today, the two most popular movements in Edostate, are: the Edo Peoples Movement, EPM, and the Obaseki/Shuaibu Movement, OSM. While the EPM, is a pressure group formed with the sole aim of ensuring that, any government of the day, that is found
wanting, is ‘flogged’ back to line, hence ensure good governance in the interest of Edo people, the OSM, on the other hand, and just as
the name implies, was formed to propagate the interest of
Obaseki/Shuaibu for the positions of the governor and Deputy Governor
respectively come 2020. In other words, OSM, was formed solely to
ensure that Obaseki and Philip Shuaibu retain their positions come
2020, irrespective of their performance and whether or not the people
of Edo state like it.
From the above introductions of the two movements above, we can easily
deduce the group that is on the side of the Edo people, for the
betterment of the Edo state, and not for any selfish and self centered
Obaseki/Shuaibu Movement, OSM, was at the fore front of supporting
what the National Assembly, NASS, and every civilized nation condemned
as executive rascality that characterized the shameful and nocturnal
inauguration of the Edo state House of Assembly, EDHA, on the 17th of
June, and every other violent and uncivilized behavior that was
orchestrated by the executive of Edo state.
Edo people have not forgotten how the members elect, who were
criminally schemed out of the charade inauguration, were beaten up at
the Golden Tulips Hotel, Benin, where they were holding a press
conference to tell the whole world of the mockery made of democratic
process in Edo state, and how these members elect, were eventually
chased out of Edo state by thugs backed up by the police and under the
supervision of the then Chief Security Officer, CSO at the government
Obaseki/Shuaibu movement, OSM, supported all these irrationalities.
That is the movement that is calling for the support for Obaseki and
Philip Shuaibu, in the upcoming 2020 Edo gubernatorial elections,
hence asking for the continuation of the perpetuation of more
rascalities by the executive of Edo state.
In view of the above, OSM has clearly shown, and proven that it was
set up to suppress, oppress, intimidate and assault Edo people into
submitting to the continuity of a poor and oppressive government. This
is alien to Edo people and Edo people know what to do.
When for whatever reason/s an organization/movement openly and
shamelessly support an administration that use thugs backed up by the
police to intimidate and assault duly elected members of the House of
Assembly, we need no one to tell us that, such organization is
inviting chaos into the state, and a chaotic state, has no plans for
development as peace and justice, are necessary conditions for
development to thrive in any society.
However, contrary to the position of OSM on the executive rascalities
exhibited by the executive organ of Edo state, the EPM solidly stood
their ground against the brigands and condemned such rascality.
For the EPM, the unprecedented, violent and rascal activities of the
Edo state executive, that resulted to the kidnapping of members elect
and forcing them into participating in an illegal inauguration, should
not be allowed to stand and must be condemned by every right thinking
individuals; more so, by all lovers of democracy.
By their support for the shameful inauguration, as well as all the
violent activities that followed, OSM has clearly proven that it is an
organization/movement that do not care about the collapse of
democratic, transparent, or due process that hitherto, existed in Edo
state, so long as they are able to achieve their personal aim.


“…OSM has clearly shown, and proven that it was set up to suppress,
oppress, intimidate and assault Edo people into submitting to the
continuity of a poor and oppressive government….”


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