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Benue lawmakers jump fence to enter Assembly Complex, suspend speaker



BENUE-Members of Benue State House of Assembly on Friday scaled the high perimeter fence surrounding the assembly complex to gain access into the premises in an attempt to hold a parliamentary session.

Both the impeached Speaker, Mr. Terkimbi Ikyange  (APC Ushongo), and his successor, Mr. Titus Ubah, (APC Kyaan)  were at the premises, both laying claim to the post of Speaker.

Supporters of both sides forced their way into the  premises.

Both groups were, however, prevented from gaining entry into the main lobby of the complex to hold their meetings.

The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Moses Yamu,  refused to either answer calls to his telephone line or reply text messages sent to him on the matter.

Ikyange was removed by 21 of 30 members of the House on July 24 during an emergency sitting.

The Assembly had adjournment on July 10 to resume on August 15.

Ikyange had told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, that he remained the Speaker since the right procedure was not followed in the impeachment process.

He said since the House was under adjournment, there were only two principal officers who could reconvene it, namely, the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

He said none of the two officers reconvened the assembly.

On the other hand, lawmakers loyal to the new Speaker quoted the Standing Rules of the House to justify their action.

They claimed that in the absence of the two presiding officers, they could elect a pro-tempo Speaker to preside




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