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Bayelsa Poll: Group highlights qualities of the next Governor

Chief Seriake Dickson



By Amgbare Ekaun kumo, Yenagoa

A group known as The Destiny Movement (TDM) has highlighted the qualities the electorates in Bayelsa should look out for in who they would vote as Bayelsa State next Governor come  November 16, 2019.


The group made the statement in a communique issued after a one day round-table conference organised on Wednesday in Yenagoa titled: “Bayelsa State and the Leadership Question: Problems and Prospects.”

Stakeholders at the event include politicians, academia, women, youth groups and Community Based Organization (CBOs), said the next occupant of Creek Haven must be someone who has “vision, discipline, wisdom, courage , humility a sense of duty and all other virtues.”


The one day round-table conference which was organised by Senator John Brambaifa and Senator Nimi Barigha-Amange led Destiny Movement, was chaired by a former President of Ijaw National Congress, INC, Professor Kimse Okoko, with Prof Ambily Etekpe of the Institute of Niger Delta Studies, as keynote speaker.


The Chairman of The Destiny Movement, Senator John Brambaifa, said the conference was convoked with the theme: “Bayelsa State and the Leadership Question: Problems and Prospects”,  “to look dispassionately into the various problems bedeviling the state with a view to proferring solutions to them.”


They regretted that since the emergence of the present political dispensation, governors who ruled the state have been imposed on the people either by Presidency or the national working committte of political parties.


The communique stated: “That the Bayelsa state  problem is leadership, that by natural resources of the state and its human potentials have not been developed and utilised properly for the development of the state.


“That the leader of the state must have vision, discipline, wisdom, courage, humility a sense of duty and all other virtue.


“That the economy of the state is virtually affected and needs infrastructure development, functional educational system, skills acquisition and capacity building among others.


“That in order to ensure good governance, a proper electoral system that is free and fair must be entrench in our state.


“That political parties should enhance and empower their democratic mechanism and encourage membership participation affairs and deliver good governance.


“That eradication of poverty should be driven to the  bearest. As poverty have been used over the years as a tool for political thuggery and  violence.


“The conference agreed that Bayelsa  must hence be on the front role with the governorship election coming up in three weeks time, that the public should get involved and participate in the process of choosing a Governor of their choice.


“That the security condition have become worrisome and something must be done urgently about that and all issues should be tackled seriously to reduce the security issue in the state.


“That the private sector, NGOs, free will organization and all stakeholders should come together and ensure the stability, Development and prosperity of our dear state,” it said.




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