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Bayelsa guber: Group calls monarchs to sanction ex-president’s ally for alleged acts of subversion

King AJ Turner, Paramount Ruler of Opume Kingdom

By Steve Seigha, Yeagoa

 A group under the auspices of Ogbia Renaissance, has called on traditional institutions to sanction former President Jonathan’s close ally and monarch  King  AJ Turner over alleged subversion.

The group also accused King Turner of engaging in sustained acts that threatens the stability of the government and should be brought under check immediately.

The Chairman of the group, Mr Obhioru Mitanoni, said Turner’s alleged partisanship in politics goes contrary to Section 6, Cap C4 of the Bayelsa State Chieftaincy law when he accompanied a politician to pick a gubernatorial form at the national headquarters of the party in Abuja.

The group  said  they were taking aback by the  allegation been peddled by the traditional ruler that the governor was after his life.

According to him” it is a statement of fact beyond contradiction that Turner has been the biggest beneficiary of the Dickson Administration in terms of appointments, contract awards and special favours because of the relationship which was imperiled by Turner’s insatiable greed.


Turner was ‘crying wolf where there is none’ as it is public knowledge that violence and killings have no place in politics of Dickson.

stressing that the State Governor owes the state a responsibility to enforce the laws guiding the conduct and operations of traditional rulers in the state by applying the relevant laws of the land.

Noting that the governor should not allow loyalty to friendship and sentiments to restrain himself from ensuring implementation of the relevant laws guiding the operations of the traditional institutions especially the traditional rulers in the state.” he concluded.




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