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Bayelsa govt to invest more on ICT education

Gov. Seriake Dickson

By Amgbare Ekaunkumo, Yenagoa

The Bayelsa Government has promised to invest more in technical, Information and Communication Technology, ICT education in order to ensure students are trained in skills and artisanship before their graduation to solve the problem of unemployment.


Speaking during the one day youth summit with the theme: “Transforming Education”, the State Commissioner for Youth Development, Engr. Udengs Eradiri, said with investment in technical skill education, the young people will get themselves busy after graduation than waiting for government jobs.


He said: “We are talking about the need to change the educational curricular in this part of the world to meet the challenges of today century.


“We cannot be in the same Ezekiel goes to school kind of education. We should begin to change our curricular, to a technical one because that’s where the world is going to now.


“People are talking about artificial intelligence, people are talking about ICT and our educational curricular is still stagnant like what was attainable in fifties or sixties.


“So, when we talk about education, and young people gather like this, that is why we brainstormed on the need for modification of the educational curricular in the country, so as to prepare young people for the challenges ahead.


“The way the world is going, very soon machines will take over every aspect of economy, and even those machines, people will write those programmes. Are we prepared for that task?


“What kind of primary education, are we giving to our young ones, we must begin to ensure that young ones are ready to play with the gadgets of today.


“And if we the young people want to make progress, then we must begin to affect policies that will determine where we are going to.


“Look at Nigeria for instance, our economy is becoming a money born, as a result of the corruption going on in the oil and gas sector and yet agro  business is what is sustaining us, even at that, how do we tailored our policies towards agro business.


“That is why I suggest that the national Youth Service Corp (NYSC) should be changed to an Agricultural Service Corp, so that, if a student finishes university, he’s now channelled to Agro business and if he spends one year there, you can imagine the yield that will be coming out,” he said.




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