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Bayelsa APC crisis: Group cautions leaders to sheathe swords to conquer state


By Amgbare Ekaunkumo, Yenagoa

The House to House Campaign Organization on Wednesday has called  on the leaders of the All Progressive Congress (APC ) to settle all forms of disputes and adopt the decision of the party leadership as the only  panacea for peace and harmony in the party.


The group coordinator, Comrade Owei Fano said while addressing the issues that transpired at the APC stakeholders meeting which ended  in fiasco as all aspirants and other stakeholders walked out in high and angry tones.

According to him,  Bayelsa state presently needs liberation and the people expect  the APC to be a formidable opposition to the ruling party as it has failed the people in all ramifications.

The group coordinator further advised that the party presently needs peace and strategy and not the display of sentiment.

He said  ‘‘Although, all the intending aspirants are qualified to run for the party ticket but, only one person can fly the flag through a fair and democratic process that will allow the people’s direct involvement in the process of selection of leaders.’’

He believed that the party do not need division but needed to stand as one united family.

He pleaded that, the progress of the party is supreme therefore every other interest must be subjected at this time for the party to take over power. He also admonished the leaders of the party not to only consider their own interests but also consider the interests of their followers that might also run at loss, if the party fails for the second time.

He ended by pleading that, the direct method which will give all aspirants the equal right should be adopted and that every aspirant should make their moves to canvas for support after adopting the direct method.




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